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Arch Duchess Dame Linden the Illuminator, Amtgard’s librarian, Matriarch of the Tul Box, Defender of the Celestial Kingdom,Our Patron Saint of Shires

"You are the Hitchhiker's Guide to Amtgard"-Hannibal

Linden kneeling during her ceremony to receive a knighthood in the order of the Serpent in 2010

Mostly known for her work in the arts, as a scribe and garber, and in service to the game as an adminstrator for many of Amtgard's online resources including; the ORK, Wiki, contracts contact, annual audit, and various facebook groups. Linden continues to support members of her prolific beltline and her friends in the game, but is much less active than she once was. She now participates actively in the SCA and was asked to join their order of the Laurel in March, 2020, and was elevated in May of that year. She is one of a three known to be both a serpent knight in Amtgard and Laurel in the SCA.


Heraldry for Linden, image by Alona Twotrees

"Everyone's hero. If she isnt yours, you just dont know her well enough yet." Matthias O'Lachon

In 1996 Linden fell into Amtgard when her battletech group, the CHD, became so large that they could no longer play together. The group was composed of high school students from Round Rock, Texas. After talking a bit the kids began looking for an alternative game. The GM of the group, Breetai had once played Amtgard at a park called Drakenroc, so the dragoons decided to give the park a chance and went out to it's old location one weekend with their sock covered PVC weapons spoiling for a fight. But the park wasn't there any more, having folded due to lack of attendance. And so the third iteration of the park known as 'Drakenroc' was born.

In 1999, after several years in the CK Linden returned to her home state of Louisiana and played briefly at the Duchy of Crimson Moon under the Wetlands. Spending barely a year abroad, Linden returned to Texas and joined the Duchy of Tori-Mar where she played until it was disbanded briefly in May of 2007. Her last regular park was Nocturnis in Cedar Park, Tx. Now a days she is mostly found on the internet particular the A&S Anonymous and Scribal Guild groups, or teaching at events, like the Arts and Sciences Symposium.

Linden’s first love was fighting, but over time she found that in order to have people to fight; the game has to function properly. So in 1997 she began holding local office. Over the next few years Linden spent most of her time in some position or another eventually she had held every in game office from the park level up. This being a convenient and still challenging way to be involved while she was assembling her brood of three children; Quinn, Nicoli and Genevieve. Later on she would add two more, twins Ethan and Eleanor. She was the 24th Champion, the 26th, 28th, and 29th Guildmaster of Reeves; the 27th Regent, the 30th Prime Minister, and the 33rd Monarch and the 34th GMoK of the Celestial Kingdom. She is one of two women in Amtgard to have accomplished this feat ever, and the first person ever to hold all four, or five in the CK. Linden has been awarded many titles over her tenure including that of Defender for her stint as the first female Champion of the CK.

She also acted as a regular autocrat, running several kingdom events, demos, and classes. With her Co-Autocrat Chango she ran Spring War 2006: Yooks Vs the Zooks, based on a popular Dr. Suess book on the escalation of warfare. The event drew more that 500 people, and put the CK back in the black, and reconfirmed Spring War's status as the largest Amtgard event at the time. Since then several other events have eclipsed both the attendance and place of spring war as one of the "Big Three". During her reign as Queen of the Celestial Kingdom, Linden went to war with the Wetlands in the person of the zombie king Slyddur. Raids were held back and forth, at Murky Waters and Mordengarrd culminating in a battle at the following Spring War.

In the later part of her career she spent her time up keeping the old online record keeper, and and the Amtwiki, as their administrator. She also spent a lot of time welcoming new chapters to the game, and coordinating the yearly amtgard audit from 2008 until 2014. Later most of these duties were handed down to her Grand squire Tye Dye. Together, they were invited to present a keynote address on their report at the Living Games conference, which is an academic conference for larping. You can hear their talk, [1]. In 2021 She helped consult with the new team for the annual audit, led by her Squires Kite and Alona

Linden also enjoys making garb and award documents for players across the country. As a personal challenge she sought commissions from each of the Kingdoms, and in 2012 after making more than 70 individual awards she successfully made a custom award for each of them. Scribes who now make the same challenge, are awarded a golden quill by the Interkingdom Amtgard Scribe's Guild. Linden continues to make scrolls for friends and as well as commissions for players all over the country in amtgard, SCA, and for mundane clients. She has also been honored to produce a Kingdom charter for Desert Winds, Tal Dagore, Northern Lights, Westmarch, Rivermoor, and North Reach upon their achievement of Kingdom status.

During the pandemic in 2020-2021, Linden taught classes, and participated in panels and A&S competitions. And adopted the shire of Griffon's Heart, of the principality of 13 Roads, under Tal Dagore as her second if virtual home. Her activity was somewhat limited by an aneurism which happened in late July of 2020.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Linden was proud to be knight to Alona Twotrees until she was inducted into the order of the Flame at Neverwinter Coronation and Olympiad in January of 2012, She was also welcomed into the order of the Serpent in 2022. Her Grandsquire by way of Alona, TyeDye also joined the peerage in 2015, in the order of the Flame of Tal Dagore. Tyedye died unexpectedly in 2016 and is keenly missed. nother grandsquire Under Alona, Bunch also died unexpectedly, and was elevated to the order of the flame posthumously in the kingdom of Winter's Edge in October of 2022.

She was also proud to be liege to Roslyn who became a knight of the Serpent of Tal Dagore in 2015. She was one of several fosters of Ser Petra before she was welcomed into the order of the flame in the Iron Mountains. She was also grateful to have walked with Corwyn on his journey to becoming a Knight of the Serpent in the Empire of Rivermoor in 2022, Corwyn was also elevated to both the Crown and Flame orders in 2023.

Also in 2022 Her most decorated squire Ka'a was welcomed into the order of the Serpent in her home kingdom of Westmarch in October of 2022, Ka'a was also elevated to the order of the flame in early 2023. Linden's Grandsquires Fiddles Under Revell of (Winter's Edge), and Uniison (Under Roslyn) of (Rivermoor), were both welcomed in to the order of the serpent in their respective kingdoms in 2019. Uniison was also elevated to the order of the Flame at Known World War in Rivermoor in 2023. Her grand squire by way of Petra, Brognar joined the order of the Crown in the kingdom of Rivermoor 2022. A Her Great-grand Squires Runa and Arco Both of Fiddles's line, were welcomed into the order of the Serpent in Winter's Edge in a joint Ceremony in February of 2023.

Our Cousin Kai under Linden's Brother Squire Zodiac was elevated to the Flame, Crown and Serpent in the Rising Winds in March of 2023. Her Squire Tregod was also elevated at the same event.

Though only her knight for a short while, Linden was exceedingly proud of her squire Trista Tulnata on joining the Order of the Serpent at Rivermoor's Known World War in 2023. Corywn's squire Brunhilde was also elevated to the order of the Serpent at the same event.

Dame Linden (Flame 2005), (Crown 2007), (Serpent 2010)

Damn Alona Twotrees (Flame 2012)

Sir Bunch the Drunk (Flame 2022)

Eques Tye Dye (Flame 2015)

Dame Roslyn (Serpent 2015)

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Sir Corwyn Lindenson (Serpent) 2022

Notable Accomplishments


Unique titles

Linden has challenged herself to earn a unique title from every kingdom. So far, she has only accrued five since 1999.

  • Phoenix Given by King Zodiac of the Celestial Kingdom.
  • Named the Patron Saint of Shires for her work with new groups. Granted by Dame Caliana of the Burning Lands, in June 2013
  • Royal Scribe of Goldenvale; granted by Khallissi Quynn Firersong
  • Consummate Artisan to the Desert Winds; Granted by Queen Rosin Clan 2009
  • "Champion of arts and sciences, in our hearts "; given by the Barony of Gryphon's heart in 2021.
  • ”Matriarch”, and “Amtgard’s Librarian”, given by Brute’s Bay, Goldenvale for a fundraiser in 2022.
  • Worst Calligrapher in the Rising Winds, Given by King Arty of the kingdom with the same name, in 2024
  • The Rainbow Connection, Given by The Muppet monarchs of Rivermoor.

Other stuff

  • First place winner of the Best of the Best Tourney Held by the Kingdom of Winter's Edge during the pandemic in 2020.
  • Elevated to the order of the laurel in the SCA for her illumination and costuming work, in May of 2020.
  • Linden is also Grix's favorite.

Offices Held

Internet offices held


  • Administrator and Architect for the Amtwiki
  • Contracts Contact
  • Primary ORK 2.0 Administrator
  • Annual Audit coordinator
  • Admin for the Amtgard Facebook Community Group


  • Owner with Luminary Alona of the Inter Kingdom Scribal guild group
  • Admin of the Amtgard Facebook Page
  • Moderator of the Knights AMA group
  • Admin of the A&S Anonymous group
  • Owner of the Online record keeper's update group

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