Guildmaster of Knights

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Knight coordination Officer.

Knight; the Meaning of the word

is the English term for a social position originating in the Middle Ages. In Great Britain and the Dominions, knighthood is a non-heritable form of gentility, but is not nobility. In the High and Late Middle Ages, the principal duty of a knight was to fight as, and lead, heavy cavalry (see serjeanty); more recently, knighthood has become a symbolic title of honour given to a more diverse class of people, from mountain climber Edmund Hillary to musician Paul McCartney. By extension, "knight" is also used as a translation of the names of other honorable estates connected with horsemanship, especially from classical antiquity.

The history of knighthood involves, therefore, the history of the social institution, which began somewhat differently in the various European regions; the history of the word, and the corresponding terms in French and Latin; and the history of the technology which made heavy cavalry possible.

Guildmaster of Knights in Amtgard

An official responsible for coordinating all meetings of Knights. They keep lists of all candidates eligible and nearing eligibility for knighthood. They Moderate their Kingdom's Knight List, if there is one. In most kingdoms they are also responsible for assuring that knights receive all the trappings of their new title; the Scroll, the Chain, The Spurs, and of course the Belt.

The GMCoK is not listed in the Line of Succession.

How do you be come a GMCoK?

New Guildmasters are elected by the Knights from their own number. All that is normally required is that they carry the vote, though in some kingdoms they are also required to be a contributing member.