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Lord Squire Breetai Tul, of Drakenroc the Celestial Kingdom


Seen here at Sorsha's Wedding 2007


Member of CHD. Helped form the third itineration of Drakenroc. He was a Flurb before anyone thought to identify themselves as such. Along with Sir Colonel he is most famous for wearing garb patterned after Continental military uniforms from the 1800’s. Original founder of the ACK or Army of the Celestial Kingdom. I'm sure that he is still surprised that the Roleplaying that he started in 1996 still continues today.

Belted Line

Breetai was Squire to Sir Zodiac Darkjester, who was belted to Sir Arion, who was belted to Sir Zircon. Breetai had one Page, Khyron.

Notable Accomplishments

Founder of the ACK, and a great force in the organization of the Magical Mystery War, He even wrote this song about it.

Affiliated Groups

No ORK link exists for this player because his coming and going predated it.