Pip Thermosprocket

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Pip Thermosprocket of Madoc's Keep, Rising Winds


Madoc's Keep Prime Minister 2017

Madoc's Keep Regent 2018

Ebonmarch Regent 2019

Ebontrials I autocrat May 2018

Ebontrials II autocrat May 2019

Bridgewars Gateocrat November 2019

404 User Not Found Autocrat January 2021

Amtgard: Kingsroad Autocrat March 2021

Affiliated Groups

Friend of Exalted Order

Belted Family

Squire to Scifee

Person at Arms Sadon

Page Reign Bow Bright

Notable Accomplishments

Lady of Ebonmarch

Lady of Madocs Keep

Baronnetess of Madocs Keep

Baroness of Ebonmarch

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