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Dust Dancer
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Grand Duke Sir Colonel Macleod Darkjester, of Traitor's Gate the Celestial Kingdom.

”An indicative quote”

Colonel is on the left....To the right is his lovely wife Scarlet. It is rather amusing to play clue with them.


Colonel began playing the CK in about 1997, just in time to participate in the Magical Mystery War. The campaign from which he takes his name. Colonel is famous for his alternate persona, including a vampire bunny. He is constantly involved in leadership positions and was the first Monarch of the CK to hold two terms consecutively.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Before he was raised to the peerage Colonel was Squire to Archduke Sir Father Thomas Von Drakon, whom was squired to Sir Arion. And accounts for two of the terms of Kingdom Monarch that Arion's Belted family has held.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Knight of the Flame, Knighted in April of 2004
  • Knight of the Crown, Knighted March of 2011, at Spring War by King Weasel of the Celestial Kingdom.

Served two consecutive terms as Monarch, the 27th and 28th terms of the Celestial Kingdom, Proclaimed Grand Duke and upon his stepping down was created a Knight of the Crown, he is also has also served as the 33rd Prime Minister of the Celestial Kingdom.

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