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Greda of Celt's Crossing under the Kingdom of Winter's Edge

Home Park Celt's Crossing
Kingdom Winter's Edge
Year Started 2014
Noble Title
Belt Status Hobbit at Arms


Greda joined the medieval fantasy foam fighting community years ago with Albion, a Dagorhir park in South Carolina with a passion for archery. Her first major Amtgard event was Arts & Sciences Symposium III, in February 2018. Here she participated in Lady Armstrong's Advanced Tunic weekend-long track and found a new passion for sewing. Since then, she has made a handful of intricately appliqué tunics and joined Fiddles and Revell Armstrong's beltling in the summer of 2018.

Profile painting made by Gabriella MacCallum.

Affiliated Groups

  • Household of the Golden Acorn
  • House Lioness

Belted Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • Co-lectured Archery with Arco at Symposium IV, February 2019.

More Information

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