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In Amtgard

1.N. A title in the Amtgard Order of Precedence, above Baronet but below Duke.

Example: Baron Sir Shalazar Bation, of Shadow Forge under Winter's Edge NW

2. N. Also the title used by the highest officer (Monarch) of a Barony while they hold that office. If this is the case the Titles will be followed by the name of the 'estate' of which that person is a leader.

'Example:' Don Diego Rodolfo Velazquez, Baron of Tori-Mar. If the person has a title of nobility the title would preceed their name. Count Don Diego Rodolfo Velazquez, Baron of Tori-Mar.

The proper address for a Baron in office, or as titled nobility is "Your Excellency". The Title of Baron is often given to some one for having held a successful terms as Kingdom Prime Minister. May also be given for excellence in the office of Duke of a Duchy or similar.

Known Barons, Baronesses, and Baronexes

Baron's Coronet

An English Peerage baron is entitled to a coronet bearing six silver balls (or pearls) around the rim. The actual coronet is only worn on certain ceremonial occasions, but a baron can bear their coronet of rank on their coat of arms above the shield.

Example of a baronial coronet, bearing the accustomed 'pearls'


  • Baronex (gender neutral)

Historical Variants

  • English; Baron Baroness Barony
  • Albanian; Baron Baroneshë
  • Arabic; بارون (Baaroun) بارونة (Baarouna)
  • Belarusian; Baron Baronesa
  • Bulgarian; Барон (Baron) Баронеса (Baronesa)
  • Catalan Baró; Baronessa
  • Croatian; Barun Barunica Barunija
  • Czech; Baron Baronka, Baronesa Baronie
  • Danish; Baron, Friherre Baronesse, Friherreinde Baroni
  • Dutch; Baron, Vrijheer Barones Baronie
  • Estonian; Parun Paruniproua, Paruness
  • Finnish; Paroni, Vapaaherra Paronitar, Vapaaherratar Vapaaherrakunta or simply Läänitys (for Western European ones: paronikunta)
  • French; Baron Baronne Baronie
  • Galician; Barón Baronesa Baronía
  • German; Baron, Freiherr Baronin, Baronesse, Freifrau, Freiin Herrschaft, Herrlichkeit, Rittergut
  • Greek; Varónos Varóni
  • Hebrew; ברון (Baron) ברונית (Baronit) ברונות (Barunoot)
  • Hungarian; Báró, Főúr Bárónő Báróság
  • Icelandic; Barón, Fríherra Barónessa
  • Irish; Barún Banbharún
  • Italian; Barone Baronessa Baronia
  • Japanese; Daimyo
  • Latin; Baro Baronissa Baronatus
  • Latvian; Barons Baronese
  • Lithuanian; Baronas Baroniene
  • Luxemburgish; Baroun Barounin, Baronesse
  • Maltese Baruni; Barunessa Barunijja / Barunat
  • Monegasque; Barun Barunessa
  • Norwegian; Baron, Friherre Baronesse Baroni
  • Old English; þegn Hlǣfdiġe
  • Polish; Baron Baronowa, Baronówna Baronia
  • Portuguese; Barão Baronesa Baronato
  • Rhaeto-Romanic; Barun Barunessa
  • Romanian; Baron Baroneasă Baronie
  • Russian; Барон (Baron) Баронесса (Baronessa) Баронство (Baronstvo)
  • Scottish Gaelic; Baran/Ridire Bana-bharan/Ban-ridire
  • Serbian; Baron Baronica Baronija
  • Slovak; Barón Barónka
  • Slovene; Baron Baronica
  • Spanish; Barón Baronesa Baronía
  • Swedish; Baron, Friherre Friherrinna Friherrskap
  • Turkish; Baron Barones Baronluk
  • Ukrainian; Baron Baronka Baronesa
  • Welsh; Barwn, Arglwydd Barwnes, Arglwyddes Barwniaeth