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"Friends don't let friends use PVC" --evil Randy

"Polyvinyl chloride". The white or grey plastic tubes used in plumbing.

It is used as a weapon core by those that can't get anything better. It is heavier and less durable than the alternatives. PVC pipe tends to whip at longer lengths as well, making it even less desirable.

The only things PVC has going for it is that everyone knows where to get it, and it's fairly cheap.

Still... Go find some Golf club shafts. Please.

PVC can also refer to a form of currency used by Pegasus Valley in the 1990s.

There is a dim glimmer of light on PVC's horizon. Microcellular foam techniques may lead to PVC pipe made with 1/2 the plastic (and therefore weight), but essentially the same durability. This would make PVC cheaper, and lighter. Should this day come, 3/4" PVC pipe may become a viable option as a quality weapon core.