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Baroness Luminary Alona Twotrees Tul, Onishi The NICE of the Shire of Berlagmark in the Kingdom of Neverwinter.


I call her "DoubleTree" -Tanath


Alona started playing amtgard in 2001, in Galesburg, IL at the now defunct shire of Sawney Freehold Shire under Golden Plains which changed its name Forsaken Lakes, and spent some time under Rising Winds. She was one of the 7 founding members, and first regent of that chapter. Later she moved to the Chicago area and played at the now defunct Shadow's Home under Burning Lands in Aurora, IL. Then she convinced the people of the now defunct Loch V'Naer which was at one point known as Oakshire in Chicago to merge with Shadow's Home. Then played with North Haven in Schamburg, IL and then changed parks to help out Fiery Nights in Waukeegan, IL. Then she moved to Phoenix Tears under Rising Winds in Springfield, IL. Then she has moved out of Illinois to Florida, and has played at many chapters there. Including Falling Fire. She started at least four chapters with varying levels of success, including Hawk's Shadow, Windtree Keep, Wyvern's Thunder Forest, and Berlagmark.

This Lady's home is the internet. She has been an active member of amtgard internationally since joining, back when everything was on yahoo groups, Esamuri, and the Amt-L List. She helped create websites and forums for groups as far away as Croatia. She also lent her skills to designing and digitizing heraldry for players and chapters all over the amtgard world. Her website stores many of the tools that are needed by chapter to kingdom monarchs everywhere. Even now she continues to contribute graphic design help, and administration to the many groups she administrates. She also offers help to people holding classes, including a year of classes program with Dame Callandra in 2020, and assisting in running the 4 Kingdom Digital Award Template Contest in 2021 along with Sir Quiet.

Alona feels that it is very important that people be celebrated for the things that they do and give to the game. Volunteers being the lifeblood of the game. She founded the Amtgard scribal guild, which supports scribes at all levels from all kingdoms, and encourages both handmade and digital award making. She also encouraged the wearing of coronets, and other regalia, often gifting these items with awards she handmade and donated. She invented the concept of the master hood, that is gifting a hood or cowl in the appropriate color and decorated with symbol of their new status to new Masters. This is now a popular tradition in most kingdoms.

Alona teaches often, including classes on; lasers, using zoom, making editable digital awards, How to make ink out of pine cones, open forums for crafty chats, Making vinegaroon, painted awards, designing heraldry, lucet cord weaving, beltmaking, leather tooling, and needle felting. She also lends her time and talents to facilitating other people teaching by moderating their online classes, and troubleshooting their setups.

Once Alona was a member of Katzu's belt line, and she is still affectionately affiliated with him. In 2008 Alona accepted a Squire's Belt from Dame Linden of the Celestial Kingdom. They have and continue to work together on many events and projects. And managing their large and active belted line, including those who were once belted to Equus Tyedye.

Alona is a graphic artist of great renown in amtgardia; having created many beautiful and useful award templates, neat web sites for chapters and groups, and a myriad of other cool things. Both former queens Clio (Emerald Hills) and Linden (Celestial Kingdom) have used her award templates, as have King Glavas (Rising Winds), King Firespitter (Burning Lands), and in fact they have been used every single kingdom in the known world, making them one of the unifying factors of people's experience in the game. She also makes and popularizes custom awards for players in all kingdoms. She has created custom awards, regalia and gifts of surpassing creativity in many mediums. These have included; Leatherwork, Metalwork, mixed media including lights and sounds, beading, enamels, digital awards, woodwork, and calligraphy. Her work has been commissioned and received in every kingdom except Burning Lands, and

Held the following in game offices:

Online Roles and offices held for Amtgard;

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

In 2011 she became Squire to Dame Linden Tul. In January of 2012, she was elevated to the Peerage as a Flame Knight. Alona's Squires are Kuma, Vincent, Liam, and Bunch. Alona was pleased to be liege to TyeDye until she was elevated to the order of the flame in Tal Dagore. Tye died suddenly and is keenly missed. Alona continues to foster Avi who remains belted to Tye. Dame Linden (Flame 2005), (Crown 2007), (Serpent 2010)

Damn Alona Twotrees (Flame 2012)

Sir Bunch the Drunk (Flame 2022)

Eques Tye Dye (Flame 2015)

Dame Roslyn (Serpent 2015)

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Sir Corwyn Lindenson (Serpent) 2022

Prior to her Squiring under Dame Linden, Alona was Squired to Sir Katzu, and is a part of his belted family to this day.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Has made award templates that have been used by every amtgard kingdom.
  • Has been deemed "The Nice"
  • Helped foster many Illinois groups and can still find some of her things randomly floating around them.
  • Is easily beaten by small children.
  • Has made more than 80 Custom Awards, gifts and Regalia for; Neverwinter, Winters Edge, Westmarch, Wetlands, Crystal Groves, the Celestial Kingdom, Rising Winds, Northern Lights, Emerald Hills, The SCA Kingdom of Ansteorra, Goldenvale, Dragonspine, Rivermoor, Polaris, and Tal dagore.
  • She has created forms/sheets for virtual a&s tourneys for Golden Plains, Goldenvale, Viridian Outlands, Westmarch, Emerald Hills, Desert Winds.
  • Donated her skill to creating the Kingdom Charter for Winter's Edge.
  • Has created heraldry and images for many online resources and the kingdom heraldry of Tal Dagore.
  • She has helped Judge A&S Competitions in many kingdoms; Neverwinter, Golden Plains, Goldenvale, Viridian Outlands, Iron Mountains, Winter's Edge, and Emerald Hills. She also has run one A&S tourney at Olympiad in Neverwinter, and judged a second in the Rising winds.

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