Haydn Whitewolf

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Haydn Whitewolf Ragnarok, of Emerald Academy, Free Holds of Amtgard

”But do I have to wear pants?”



Started Amtgard in April of 2014 in Shadow Forge. Moved to Emerald Academy in April of 2016. Haydn has currently plays Assassin after maxing out Archer. He is also in the process of restarting Emerald Academy after its dissolution in early 2018.

Roleplay Biography

Haydn was a Nord from the realm of Skyrim. He fell into a dimensional rift and was whisked away to Winter's Edge where he fell in with the people of Shadow Forge. Looking for new adventure in this strange Land, he began learning the ways of the sword and shield from SimiVir and H.B. Puddin.

After a time, Haydn felt the need to leave his new home and find a new home. He arrived at the door of Emerald Academy and began learning from the wise masters there. Not only did he learn to use the bow in his time at the Academy, he also began a path of making weapons of war and leathercraft to make armor and other useful items.

Though he rarely dabbles in magic and leaves it to more learned folks, Haydn likes most of the casters he meets, having befriended the Druid, Cinnamon Stick, the healer, Alenyah, and several others. These days, he can be found at the newly found Adventurer Guild in Winter's Edge, carousong with the denizens of the Tipsy Gypsy and causing a general nuisance to the barkeep, Ruqué. But Ru knows that of push come to shove, Haydn would gladly deal with any ne'er-do-wells that threaten the establishment.

Affiliated Groups

Adventure Guild

More Information

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