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General Policies

  • Content must be created by the editors or used only with permission of the creator.
    • Illustrative images may be included, with permission. [[Category: Example Photos]]
    • All content uploaded to this Wiki is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. See AmtWiki:Copyrights for details.
    • Do not submit copyrighted work without permission! Do not submit content you do not want to license CC-BY-SA!


  • All pages must be directly related to Amtgard with only a few exceptions (such as pages dealing with HFS that used to be Amtgard chapters)


  • Generally, a warning is issued for the first offense, and then a banning afterward, for either a few months or permanent depending on the severity.
  • All rules apply to all pages personal or public.
    • Adding mocking, vulgar, or rude comments is grounds for immediate banning.
    • Blanking pages without reason is not allowed. A note must be added to the talk page explaining the action.
    • Removal of banning or contract removal notices.
    • Lying about achievements or titles.
    • Spammers are summarily banned.

Player pages

  • Here is the general guide for player pages Player Entry Template
  • Players may only have one player page, if they have multiple personas they must all be housed on a single page.
  • Award listings as copied from the ORK are not permitted. Awards are housed on the ORK, the wiki has listings of achievements and major awards like titles and knightings. It is not intended to be a legitimate source for ladder award verification. It leads to over editing, and falsehoods.
  • Player pages should only not include titles in the page name. Just player name.
  • Personal wiki pages belong (not in the copyright sense) to the people they are about. If the player would like the page removed or edited it is within their personal purview, with the following caveats.
    • True happenings: Thing such as banning can and should be included on personal pages for the duration of the banning. After the banning the information can be moved to the player talk page.
    • Knights: Personal pages of knights may not be removed, They are apart of club history and those pages are used for statistical purposes. All information with the exception of the knighting information and categories pertaining may be removed.
    • Banned players: Permanently banned players information must must remain on the wiki for informative purposes. Should include the Category [[Category: Banned Players]]
    • Players that have been stripped of honors may also not have their pages deleted. Should include categories [[Category: Stripped players]]


  • Player pages may have one photo uploaded to the wiki. Other images may be linked from other sources such as image hosting sites. Space on the wiki servers is limited, photos are a large chuck of that data. Player photos should include appropriate categories [[Category:Player Photos]]
  • Player photos may only be images of the person, not of say, a duck.
  • Companies and households are encouraged to include a group photo and one of their heraldry.
  • Chapters are also encouraged to include a group photo and one of their heraldry. Chapter heraldry photo uploads should include appropriate categories [[Category: Active Chapter Heraldry]] or [[Category: Defunct Chapter Heraldry]]

Chapter pages

  • Every chapter past and present, however brief must have a wiki page. Chapter pages are never deleted.
  • Chapter pages must include the following:
    • Categories Year founded: [[Category:Founded in 2001]]
    • Categories for Activity: [[Category: Active Amtgard Chapter]], [[Category:Defunct Amtgard Chapter]]
    • Categories for Affiliation: [[Category:Active Freeholds]], [[Category:Active Crystal Groves Parks]]
    • Categories for Location: [[Category:Active Louisiana Chapters]], [[Category:Defunct Virginia Chapters]]
      • For the purposes of these categories because there are so few outside of the US, countries like Canada, and Japan are treated as one category, like a state.
    • Categories for Size: [[Category:Amtgard Kingdom]], [[Category:Shires]], [[Category: Principalities]]

Merchant Pages

  • 1. Merchants/Vendors are allowed to have a page, (the Wiki staff will help build if requested.)
  • 2. All Merchant pages will have a separation of liability disclaimer posted at the top of their page. {{===Notice===<br>{{Separation of Liability Disclaimer}}
  • 3. however pages can have up to 3 uploaded pictures of logos and products, but can have any number more by using external links. (Product pictures can not exceed the size of a half/dollar coin held to a monitor.)
  • 4. No prices of products will be allowed on the wiki, all discussions of transactions will be prohibited on the Wiki. (IE-Pages will be restricted from customer feed back or discussion of sales, this will include the page's "talk page.")
  • 5. The Wiki staff will create and maintain the Category (Merchants) and the front page corresponding links (which will be restricted to Admin edits only.)
  • 6. Amtwiki Staff, will at no time promote any merchant or product.(When asked will only show the links to the Merchant Category page)
  • 7. Merchant pages will be restricted to Author/Admin edits only.
  • 8. Merchants will be responsible for maintaining the information on their respective pages (Wiki staff will contact merchants on a twice per year (January and June) time scheduled to confirm activity.) If no response is received during the selected months, Wiki staff will remove the Merchant page from the "Merchant Category" and place it in a "Merchants History" category.
  • 9. All Merchant participation is voluntary, any merchant can request removal of ALL information on their respective pages. (Any removed page will have the Merchant name restricted from further use.)
  • 10. No products that are not Amtgard related (IE- Firearms, automobiles, real estate, etc.) or Restricted by U.S. Law may be displayed on a wiki page.