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Do it pretty.

Saphira receiving her Master Dragon from King Varas

A player may be eligible for receipt of the title of Master Dragon upon earning their tenth Order of the Dragon. -Award Standardization

Literal Definition

A Masterhood in the Order of the Dragon. Given for continued excellence in artistry or craftsmanship. This award often qualifies (on paper at least) a player for Knighthood in the Order of the Serpent.

How to get one

Orders of the Dragon are given for arts; painting, beading, applique that doesn't occur on garb, singing, calligraphy

Who's your Master

The arts are a tricky thing. You need talent, time, and materials; that is if you already know what you are doing. Whether inside or out of the game, to truly get good you have to learn from someone, several someones. Find people who are the masters of their chosen field and try to learn from them.

To truly be a master it is necessary to spread your knowledge. Teach everyone you can, by increasing the overall level of skill of each player, we better the whole game.

History of the Dragon


Orders and Awards
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