Master Rose

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A Masterhood in the Order of the Rose.

Scroll given to Vaargard upon his creation as a Master Rose of the Wetlands. Made by Francesca

How to get one

First you need to work your butt off. And I mean off. This award is given for continued excellence in service to a chapter and Kingdom of Amtgard.

Literal Definition

A player may be eligible for the title of Master Rose upon earning their tenth orders of the rose. Awarded for service to the club not necessarily related to an elected office. A first level Order of the Rose indicates a very minor service to the club such as picking up trash, while a tenth level Order of the Rose could be comparable to providing consistent, long-term service to the club. This award often qualifies (on paper at least) a player for Knighthood as a Knight of the Flame.

Symbolism of Master Rose

Gold phoenix on a white background.

Love the Master

Those who toil on the path of the rose make this game happen. They run your events, clean your sites, reeve your games, and help your newbies. Master Roses are the force that keeps us alive and growing. They often do this with little thanks and less appreciation. Every time you go to an event, sit down at a feast, take some time to realize all the effort that went into it.

History of Rose