Valkyrie Nystrom Armstrong

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WAA Valkyrie Nystrom Armstrong of Iron Springs, under the Kingdom of Winter's Edge


Valkyrie Nystrom Armstrong
Home Park Iron Springs
Kingdom Winter's Edge
Year Started 2014
Noble Title Lady
Belt Status Hobbit at Arms


Originally from Highspires a Dagorhir group in Atlanta, GA. Valkery continues to participate in both Dag and amtgard. In both groups, she is a passionate advocate for the Arts and Sciences. And an organizer of Collegium style events, hosting classes by people from all over amtgard, and Dag.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

  • Hobbit at Arms to Revell Armstrong who is a Squire to Dame Linden.
  • Fiddles the Hobbit & Valkyrie are known as the "Armstrong Twins" since they became WAA's together, craft together, event together, and autocrat the Arts & Sciences Symposium together.
  • Previous: Paged to Cade Moonshadow who is Squire to Sir Khazon Mander who was squire to Squeak!.
Seraphim Heraldry.jpg

Notable Accomplishments

  • Guest Panelist for Amtgard Leadership University, ALU Encouraging A&S (KotB17), at at Keep on the Borderlands, Sept 2017.
  • Lady Title: Winter's Edge, April 2017.
  • Officer position: Winter's Edge Principality Regent (Spring 2016 - Fall 2016)
  • Co-Founder of the Arts and Sciences Symposium, a lecture and hands on classes event annually held in Winter's Edge.

Arts & Sciences Accomplishments

  • 2nd place in Garb category in Olympiad for a Hufflepuff Tunic at Symposium IV, February 2019. Scores here.
  • Best in Garb for 18th century court dress & Best in Supporting Arts for Egyptian tunic at Winter's Edge Dragon Master competition at Summer Midreign Pineapple Wars event, August 2018.
  • 1st place Neverwinter Dragon Master

Notable classes

  • Hands-on teacup pincushion class at Symposium III, 2018 and Symposium II, 2017.
  • Hands-on appliqué and tunic class with Fiddles at the Arts & Sciences Symposium 2016.

Notable Crat Positions