Miriam Armstrong Tul

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Woman at Arms Miriam Armstrong Tul, of Myr Tariniel, Polaris


Miriam is an archer that stabs fighters with spears and glaives when it rains. She hails from the Shire of Myr Tariniel, Polaris. Although a new player, circa 2017, Miriam is a strong artisan of many crafts and has produced knighting scrolls, garb, shield covers, and heraldry designs. You may view her crafts here.

Apart from Amtgard, Miriam is passionate about cross gaming and enjoys Belegarth and Epee Fencing.

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Belted Family

Archer-At-Arms to Revell Armstrong, who is Squire to Dame Linden Tul.

Affiliated Groups

  • Household of the Golden Acorn
  • House Valorose


  • Medieval Embroidery at Arts & Sciences Symposium III- WE Midreign 2018
  • Tunic Patterning and Design at Gathering of the Clan - 2019
  • Heraldry Design at Gathering of the Clan - 2019
  • Tunic Patterning and Design at Keep on the Borderlands - 2019
  • Heraldry Design at Keep on the Borderlands - 2019

Notable A&S Accomplishments

  • Best in Show at Polaris 2019 WMDM for a wrap tunic.
  • Winner of Tal Dagor's 2019 WMDM with best in show for Dante's Tunic. Entered: Dante's Sol Invictus tunic, Sol Invictus cowl, Sol Invictus banner, Sir Testocle's knighting scroll, desert ceramic vase, and letterpress constellation artist book.
  • Placed 2nd in A&S, Quals, Kingdom of Tal Dagore, 2018. Entered 1 ceramic pot titled "Bats of the Night." Score sheet
  • Placed 1st in 2D Art: A&S, Keep on the Borderlands, inter-kingdom event, September 2018. Submitted a gouache painting of Fiddles the Hobbit's 10th Garber Scroll Award. Score sheet.
  • Placed 6th overall: Dragon Master, Kingdom of Polaris, June 2018. | Photo. Entered 2 ceramic pots and 1 pie.
  • Placed 3rd overall: Olympiad MAME, Kingdom of Polaris, May 2018. Score sheet. She entered: A fighting tunic for Havok, the bibliophile of our realm, Vassals of the Twilight, Cloak for an Assassin Archer, Hy-brasil Heraldry.
  • Placed 1st in Garb: Dragon Master, Arts & Sciences Symposium III, Kingdom of Winter's Edge, February 2018. Entered an Appliqué Tunic for Todd. Score sheet.
  • Competed in Keep 2017 A&S tournament. Score sheet. She entered the following items: A Gothic Tabard Dress for Kelsey, A Mexican Bird Tunic for Dante, An Embroidered Tabard Dress for Miriam the Archer, A Cloak for Miriam the Archer, Sol Invictus Banner, and Havok and Let Cry the Dogs of War shield cover painting, and a Wool "The Animals that I don't shoot" Cloak.

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