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A currently defunct chapter of the Celestial Kingdom, located in Round Rock, Tx.



This Park has been through at least two iterations. Each time a new group will start it up again with the same name and basic location. Due to the young age of the members and their lack of experience the park invariably fails in three years or less.

The 1st Drakenroc was founded by Tokugawa Basha(Vasha), Father Dunbar of Dunglen, and Dayn Mallenroh in Round Rock, TX. The three were all former Tori-Mar players. During its reign from early 1994 - late Events in 1995 the park enjoyed great growth and popularity *. The park concentrated on role-playing battle-games as opposed to the modern stick-jock centered battle-game. When the park finally disbanded in 2002, the remaining members started a new group in Cedar Park.

One of the Drakenroc founders had this to say about Drakenroc's relationship to the rest of the CK during the late 1990's:

"The kids changed the charter since they were threatened they would never receive Kingdom notice. There was an attendance rule in charter (kinda like the SCA). Had to participate in some capacity for six months and not have any disciplinary related things, and live within the incorporated boundaries of Round Rock in order to run or vote in Baronial elections (was to keep Bobs, Jesters, Annihalus, etc from taking over a small group that was mostly kids). We also had a 'ban' policy. Where we had some people bullied and hurt couple of our kids Charter changes had to be voted on by eligible populace. They changed the charter because they were told they would never be able to be knights/paladins. Think there was an Annihalus king. So, Drakenroc got inundated by members of other groups just like I warned them. I basically said 'you made your bed, you sleep in it 'and left. They got taken over by Bobs, Jesters, Annihalus."

"Most of the parents of younger members (especially after some Bobs and Jesters beat the crap out of one kid, and shirted another) and those who actually lived in Round Rock left. Since they had no one left to bully, the out-of-towners left." -Tokugawa Vasha'


Due to some overlap it is possible that there were two parks called Drakenroc existing in two separate parks in Round Rock at the same time. The Frontier Park settlement was founded in 1996 or 1997, and continued until 2000. The park went inactive for a time and then moved to Round Rock City Park, and played there until 2003. This final iteration of Drakenroc was finally closed down by the serving sheriff, Spearweasel, due to the lack of a stable native population capable of supporting a separate park.


Active people who used to go here now attend Nocturnis

Contacts and Directions

Drakenroc used to meet at Henry McNeil Park in Round Rock. They also played at Frontier Park in Round Rock and at Round Rock Park in RR.