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Countess Saladi (Salad) Greens, The Queen of Mars, Rivermoor

”Are there tentacle monsters? Aww... no tentacle monsters”

"I'm making a breeding pit at my house!"

"Sometimes Salads make me... AAH!! BOOB!!... dead."




Saladi came out to fight at behest of former coworker Silvia. She's dove in head first traveling all over the country, making things and shooting fools with arrows and jade lasers. Also known as 'Kuni'. Has a bow named 'The Salad Shooter'. #1 Fan of Connor McBaby

Made her Winter Migration south(as all trash panda's do) in January 2019 and joined Centerpoint,

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Ser Petra (Flame, 2017)

Notable Accomplishments

Prime Minister of Land's End, Fall, 2017

High Priest of Mechanicus and Queen of Mars of the Empire of Rivermoor for two consecutive terms
Currently Apprentice to Brognar Stonepaw to study the ways of Druidry

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