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Erkehertug Sir Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, The High Ringgiver, of the Grand Duchy of Traitors Gate.

”In the end of all’s the person, not the leather strap, that makes them great.”

Hertug Sir Bromhir Ethindale-Tannon, The High Ringgiver


Bromhir was introduced to Amtgard back on October,31 1993 and joined the mainstream of Amtgard during Spring Break '94. He was also one of the founding members of Keinplatz, a Shire that was created and reopened in Pleasanton, Tx. Bromhir is known mostly for his strong presence in the class of Barbarian, which is his favored Class, playing a Viking persona. He has also been known to don the garb of his other Persona, Drool the Dark Troll. Bromhir has lived and fought in both the chaotic "North" and "South" CK, and has served on both park and Kingdom level Monarchy. Bromhir lives in the wilds south of the ruins of Pekannott Rois with his lovely wife, Clover, his four sons (Aeson, Yaris, Magni and Modi) and two daughters (Meave and Aoibheann).

Affiliated Groups

Bromhir has also been apart of several fighting company's during his stint in the main stream of Amtgard....



Belted Family

Sir Bromhir with Squires and Pages



Amtgardian Family

Notable Accomplishments

  • 1941, During WW2 he killed fitty men.
  • 1943, Them tojos came at him faster than he could gut 'em, so he had to gut 'em faster.
  • 1945, He got his shins blowed off by a Japan-Man's machine gun, so don't come cryin' to him with your problems!
  • Guildmaster of Barbarians from April 1998 to November 2002
  • 1997, Bromhir was Paged and then raised to a Squire by Archduke Sir Father Thomas von Drakken, The DarkLord, upon his own knighting.
  • Participated in the "Magical Mystery War," where the CK raided Burning Lands
  • 1999, was Regent of the Celestial Kingdom under Sir Baggera's reign as King.
  • 2001, Duke of Traitor's Gate
  • 2004, was the 28th Regent of the CK under Grand Duke Colonel Darkjesters reign as Lord Protector of the CK
  • 2005, The 29th King of the Celestial Kingdom.
  • 2006, was Knighted, Knight of the Flame, at Spring War during the Reign of King Styx.
  • 2007, 34th Co-Regent of the CK
  • 2008, Reinvented the Pleasanton Park from Keinplatz to Pekannott Rois.
  • 2009, 38th Prime Minister of the CK
  • 2010, 39th Prime Minister of the CK
  • 2010, was Knighted, Knight of the Crown, at CK Summer Coronation by HRM Sir Krupt.
  • 2011, Though not a notable accomplishment on any level, The Shire of Pekannott Rois was turned out due to inactivity and other reasons.
  • 2011, Better note, being blessed by the birth of my twin sons in January.
  • 2021, Return to active play in the CK.
  • 2022, Guildmaster of Knights for Reign 65.
  • 2023, awarded the title Archduke and uses the Norwegian equivalent Erkehertug.


  • Master Monster - Given by Matthew LeGrey, January 1995
  • Master Barbarian - Given by Mandigore, January 1998
  • Master Healer - Given by Don Diego, October 2002
  • Master Rose - Given by Lord Protector Colonel, November 2004

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