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Northern Lights Heraldry

The Kingdom of Northern Lights

The Kingdom of the Northern Lights is the 18th Kingdom of Amtgard.

The Northern Lights is currently comprised of nine active lands in western Washington: (listed from farthest North to South) The Hollow, Inland Ocean, Blades Edge, Dark Harbor, Shrouding Mist, Greenwood Keep, Dragons of Fire Valley, Flooded Mountains & Mithril Hills.

For a list of places within Northern Lights, see Northern Lights Chapters or consult the Amtgard Atlas.


The Northern Lights was founded in 2003, originally as the Northwest Alliance, upon the ideal of combining the efforts of several strong core lands in the Northwest, so that Kingdom status could become more realistic. As a Principality under the sponsorship of the Kingdom of BlackSpire, our group obtained Kingdom status in 2012 by unanimous vote. The Northern Lights at the time included (in chronological order of joining):

Shrouding Mist, Inland Ocean, Greenwood Keep, The Hollow, Dragons of Fire Valley & Mithril Hills.

Northern Lights Food Fight
NL Kingdom Tournament Placements

Current Northern Lights Monarchy

  • Monarch: Ursa
  • Regent: Murphy O'Hygan
  • Prime Minister: Shogun Sho Obsidyn
  • Champion: Devry
  • Guild Master of Reeves: Aeoden

For the complete history of past members of NL monarchy, please see Roll of Royalty.

Northern Lights Events

Event Date Location Information Link
Spring Coronation 17-20 March 2022 Panhandle 4-H Campground Shelton WA
Summer Mid Reign June 25 2022 Cottage Lake Park Woodinville WA
Fall Coronation September 29 - Oct 1 2022 Panhandle 4-H Campground Shelton WA TBD
Winter Mid Reign - -
Weaponmaster Tournament July 23 2022 Dragons of Fire Valley -
The Morrigan Tournament July 17 2022 Greenwood Keep The Morrigan Tournament
Dragonmaster Arts & Science Competition July 23 2022 Dragons of Fire Valley
Crown Warskill Fighting Tournament and Artisan Showcase Aug 28 2022 Mithril Hills

Other Events

Looking to find other Kingdom Level events? Check out our public Facebook Announcements Page!

Active Chapters

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Chapter Name Day of the Week Address
Blades Edge Saturdays - 12:00pm South Kitsap Regional Park 2729 Jackson Ave Se, Port Orchard Wa Port Orchard, WA 98531
Dragons of Fire Valley Saturdays - 12:00pm Borst Park (Up front, or in center under covered area) 2455 Borst Avenue #B2 Centralia, WA 98531
Greenwood Keep Sundays - 12:00pm Wonderwood Park (front left under covered area, or back right in the glen) 5304 32nd Avenue SE Lacey, WA 98503
Shrouding Mist Sundays - 12:00pm Sprinker Recreation Center (in back, behind climbing rocks) 14824 C Street South Tacoma, WA 98444
Inland Ocean Saturdays - 12:00pm Marymoor Park (near dog park entrance - $1 parking) 6046 W Lake Sammamish Pkwy NE Redmond, WA 98052
Mithril Hills Sundays - 12:00pm Lake Sacajewea Park (near the covered area) 1700 Nichols Boulevard Longview, WA 98632 (KLE's in back of Riverside Park 1820 Westside Hwy Kelso, WA 98626)
The Hollow Sundays - 12:00pm McCollum Pioneer Park 600 128th Street SE Everett, WA 98204

Social Groups Within the Kingdom

These are known groups that have been apart of the Kingdom, both past and present.
Can't find a social group on the list? Check out the Northern Lights Fighting Companies and Households Ork to see more!

Fighting Companies Households
Aegis Company Order of the Silent Rose
Alliance House of the Ancient Ways
Annihalus Anderson Clan
Apotheosis Argent Flame
Black Company House of Bells
Crucible Brotherhood of Saints
Dragons Blade House Chiurgeon
Dragons of the Rune Church of Apocalypse
Eclipse CloudWalkers
Golden Lions Corinthus
Hybris Legion Cult of Gordon
Legacy Darkjesters
Quod Hereticus Death Dealers
Rogues Hounds of Night
Saracens House Eclipse
Shadow Wolves House of the Everful Goblet
Templars House Farnan
Wardancers FOES
Warriors of the Ancient Ways House Galanodel
Wolf Pack House Greyhawk
House Helios
La Valse de la Lune
League of Extraordinary Fluffy Men
Nemoralis West
House Obsidyn
House Orange
Shadow Bells
Stick Chicks
House of the Steel Monkey
Women of Boobs

Contact Us

The Kingdom of Northern Lights- Website
Northern Lights Facebook Page
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