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List of 'Firsts' By the Women in the Amtgard community as compiled by Sir Moogie, and Dame Linden.

First Amtgard Monarch Ever!

First Amtgard Knight Ever!

First Amtgard Champion Ever!

First Woman Warlord

First Woman Knight of the Sword

First Female Four belted knight

First Serpent Knight Ever!

First Knight of the Flame

First Woman to have held every Kingdom office

This achievement counts differently in different places because each kingdom counts their high officers differently.

Other women who have done it.

First All Female Monarchy

The Monarchy of Emerald Hills - April 2019

EH Monarchy.jpg

Pictured are:

Monarch: Amethyst Panther | Regent: Lily Facewrecker | Champion: Corsy Savitar | GMR: Luna Mya Hun | Prime Minister: Pheobe

Captain of the Queen's Guard: Nuance | Queen's guard: Alanna Dragonspawn | Queen's guard: Ziana Stalrim | Queen's Guard: Moose | Regent's Guard: Frisk

Female Kingdom Champions

Listed in chronological order under their respective kingdoms.

Burning Lands


Celestial Kingdom

Emerald Hills

Golden Plains


Northern Lights

Rising Winds

Tal Dagore


Winter’s Edge

For more resources and information on the women of amtgard see the House Lionesse Website

These are some of the achievements women have made in this game, if you know of others, or have information to offer, please send email to Sir Moogie. Or feel free to update this page yourself.