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In the Order of the Serpent

Card for Michael's amtgard poker deck. Knight of Serpents, by Keluric

Serpent Knights are individuals honored for their accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences. Specific awards are divided amongst the Order of the Owl (for construction and scientific ventures), Order of the Dragon (for purely artistic avenues), and Order of the Garber (for hopefully superior garb, though sometimes it is merely for quantities therein.) To be knighted as a peer of the Serpent one should have achieved a Masterhood in one of these categories.

Serpent knights in the history of Amtgard.

Artist's Guild circa 1997

The First Serpent Knight, after the belts were split in 1985, of all of Amtgard was Sir Esuom of the Burning Lands. Before the Award Standards, certain Kingdoms added Master Hydra (given for qualifying for office at a Crown Quals) and Master Mask (for Role-playing and or acting) to the standard qualifications to become a Serpent Knight, but these were by no means the norm. The only person to be knighted for a Master Mask was Saint O'Banion, of the Wetlands.

An Order of Knighthood. Awarded for demonstration of outstanding Arts and Sciences abilities.

Award Standards

The Rules of play 8th Edition Award Standards

The Creation of Sir GoldCrest as a knight of the Serpent under Dragonspine, at Clan in 2009

C. Serpent: A player may be eligible for Knight of the Serpent after obtaining Masterhood in Owl, Dragon, or Garber.

  • D. Owl: Awarded for demonstrating ability in the construction sciences of Amtgard. Weapon construction, armor construction, furniture, shoes, belts, etc. A first level Order of the Owl could be awarded for constructing your first legal and functional sword. A tenth level Order of the Owl might be creating a full suit of decorated and articulated armor, or introducing critical new technologies and construction advancements that affect the group as a whole.
  • E. Dragon: Awarded for demonstrating ability in the arts of Amtgard. Performance, painting, sculpting, photography, cooking, banners, artistically focused garb, writing, acting, roleplaying, etc. A first level Order of the Dragon might be awarded for doing a good reading of a non-original poetry piece. A tenth level Order of the Dragon might be awarded for writing and directing an excellent play for entertainment at a large event.
  • F. Garber: Awarded for the creation of garb: Tunics, tabards, pants, cloaks, gloves, sashes, pouches, handbags, etc. A first level Order of the Garber might be awarded for creating a simple, well-constructed pouch. A tenth level Order of the Garber might be awarded for making themed, elaborate and intricate court garb for a group of people.


  • Check here for as complete a list as we can make of all Serpent Knights everywhere.
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