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Squire Lady Revell Armstrong, of Frostlands, in the Kingdom of Polaris

”Earwigs are annoying, Ellie is annoying, therefore Ellie is an Earwig.”

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Revell is a passionate advocate for the arts in many foam fighting games. She has produced many tutorials, which are linked below, and believes in sharing information and improving the skills of everyone that she can reach. In particular she is well known for her intricate appliqué work. She is often found at events with her camera, taking hundreds of photos.

Revell was granted the title of Lady at Polaris's Very First Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster, November 12, 2016.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Revell is squire to Dame Linden. She has one Page, Melody Songtailor a Hobbit-At-Arms, Valkyrie Nystrom Armstrong and an Archer-At-Arms, Miriam Armstrong Tul.

Fiddles the Fanciful, formerly known as Fiddles the Hobbit, was belted to Revell as a Hobbit-At-Arms before becoming a Knight of the Serpent.

Notable Accomplishments

  • Second place winner of the 2015 Olympiad/Keep on the Borderlands A&S Competition.
  • Second place winner of the 2015 Known World War I: Best of the Best A&S Competition.
  • Winner of Kindyr Penumbra's Low Cost Tunic Competition - Best Tutorial and Best Tunic Under $10, 2016.
  • Winner of the Crafting portion of Valorimar's 60 Day Challenge, 2016.
  • First place winner and Best in Show of Polaris's Very First Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster, November 2016.
  • First place winner of the Known World War II Best of the Best (2017).
  • Cultural Olympian, Known World War II: Olympiad (2017).
  • Second place and winner of the "Artisan Made What??" category at Keep on the Borderlands 2017.
  • Second place winner and Best in Show at Polaris Weaponmaster/Dragonmaster, June 2018.
  • Master Garber given by Kumo gatekeeper in September of 2018.

Other Stuff

  • Co-Creator and Facebook Page Administrator for the Belegarth Guilds.
  • Co-Creator and Page Administrator of the Polaris Arts & Sciences Facebook page.
  • Teacher at the Winter's Edge Arts and Sciences Symposium in Georgia, 2017 and 2018.

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