Captain of the Guard

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Yes Cap'n

Security Officer

What is it?

The Captain of the Guard is responsible for the safety of the King or Queen, and is assisted by his Royal Guardsmen. Non-royal equivalents can exist in non-kingdom groups. Sometimes the Regent will have a complementing officer called the Regent's Defender.

Herldry of the Crown Gaurd of the Celestial Kingdom Circa 1997

They occupy a position in the Order of Precedence.

They are mostly used in Role-playing settings, such as when people are trying to assassinate the King. Depending on how court is run, the Captain may be tasked with standing guard behind the king while he sits at the High Table. In some kingdoms the Guard are responsible for security at Kingdom level events.

How to you become the CoG?

The Captain of the Guard is a position appointed solely by the Monarch.

Excerpt from the Corpora

  • 1.81 Appointment and dismissal are the Monarch's option.
  • 1.82 Shall be in charge of security at all Burning Lands events.
  • 1.83 Shall ensure that the Monarch and Consort are properly escorted.
  • 1.84 Will share duties with the Champion in terms of carrying out the policies of the Crown.