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Founder of Tigers Ambush, of Aureus Saltus


Joined the Shire of Diablo's Cauldron in 2009 Became one of the founding members of Son's of Thunder in 2010 Joined Aureus Saltus in 2013 when it merged with Diablo's Cauldron Has found a love of the Bard class but will always be a Healer at heart

Affiliated Groups

Sons of Thunder

Belted line

Paged to Fru' Squire Ka'a Darkshore 2016


Aries the mad wasn't always Aries, nor was he always mad. He was once a healer in a great army which declared war on war itself, Ares himself descended upon them and decimated the army with a single swipe of his blade, for the sole survivor Ares took pity, and from him he took his mind. When Aries the mad was found he could only remember the name of the God, and thus took his name. He was told that all that enter his medical tent would walk out; so he became the necromantic Cleric he is today.