Knight of the Crown

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An Order of Knighthood

A player may become eligible for Knight of the Crown after serving with excellence, and receiving their Master Crown.

Historical Qualifications

A knighthood in the Order of the Crown is awarded for outstanding leadership. This order was once granted to every Kingdom level Monarch upon their stepping down, which had the unfortunate side effect of devaluing the respect some people gave to Crown Knights. Many Kingdoms now require multiple terms of service in high offices, as well as requiring candidates for Knight of the Crown to display excellent leadership skills.

Previous this knighthood was eligible upon completing, four terms in any of the following offices, in any combination, at the Duchy level or higher: Monarch, Regent, Prime Minister, or Champion. The position of Kingdom Monarch counts as two offices. The position of Champion can only be counted once toward these qualifications. This eligibility changed after clan 2019 with the addition of Order of the Crown and the addition of Master Crown.


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