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AmtWiki Projects

Want to help update AmtWiki, but don't know where to begin? Here are some tasks that are always in need of assistance:

Chapter Upkeep

  • Make sure your local chapter's page is up to date, including meeting details, current officers, notable history, heraldry, and links to the ORK and any Facebook/Meetup/other social media that your chapter employs.
  • Add the appropriate categories for kingdom, active/defunct, state/country, meeting day(s), and founding year. For help with this, see Help:Categories.
  • If your chapter's page doesn't have a box at the bottom listing the active chapters in your kingdom (if you are in a kingdom), add the appropriate template by adding {{"Your Kingdom Name"}} to the bottom of the page.
  • If the "People" Subheader is red, make sure it links to Category:"Chapter Name" People, where the "Chapter Name" is replaced with the correct name. If this category doesn't yet exist, create it.
  • Add all the people with AmtWiki pages from your chapter to the above category.
  • If any notable people from your chapter don't have AmtWiki pages, create one for them. Do not create a blank page or empty player template with their name unless you intend to immediately fill it out.

Beltline Templates

If you are the member of a beltline, either noble or knightly, make sure your line has a template.

  • Reformat the bulleted list so the belted generations are properly aligned
  • Include knight's belts and years next to their name
  • If a member of the lineage doesn't have an AmtWiki page, create one. Fill in as much info as you can and have them edit the rest. Add them to the appropriate categories, including for belt status.
  • Add <noinclude>[[Category:Beltine Templates]]</noinclude> to the beltline template itself.

Player Page Upkeep

An updated player page is a happy player page.

  • Change "An indicative quote" to an actual quote.
  • Delete broken image links, and add an updated personal photo.
  • Update your biography to include any relevant information.
  • Consider adding a persona biography, if you have one.
  • If you are a part of a belted line, add the appropriate template.
  • If you haven't already done so, change any old ORK links to {{ork_player|id2=0000}}, where the "0000" is the number at the end of the URL on your ORK3 page.
    • While you are at it, talk to your local PM so they can update your ORK3 page
  • Add yourself to the appropriate categories, including chapter, kingdom, belted status, company/household affiliation, and handedness

Featured Player

Want to be featured here? We are currently looking for Amtgardians who have been playing for three years or less and are outstanding players on their home field. To submit a nomination, click here!