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Duke Sir Warlord"Smiley" Cervantes SpiritPaw Ironfist of the Barony of Crimson Basin, Kingdom of the Burning Lands

House koinania (2).jpg
House Konania Heraldry
Home Park Crimson Basin
Kingdom Burning Lands
Year Started 1996
Married To Pheobe
Noble Title Duke
Fun Title Emissary
Advisor to BL Title Vizier
Belt Status Knight of the Flame

Knight of the Crown

Knight of the Sword

Company Dark Riders

"Worry is a downpayment on a problem you may never have."
"You'll never find a better sparring partner than adversity." -Walt Schmidt-
"...you put the "minister" into "prime minister". -Roger-

"Smiley, you curse like a lady." -Draeven Somerstorm-

"Are you looking for your Package or your delivery of goods?" -Smiley-

Sir Smiley
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Smiley's Heraldry

Smiley Started playing Amtgard in October of 1997 in Dark Oasis when Van the Ruthless challenged him to come out and fight, and has been playing ever since. He is known for playing Warrior and little else when it comes to classes. He has been able to travel to six of the kingdoms in the Amtworld. Using the name Cervantes was something that never stuck, as a teenager, he wanted to be a loud standout and thus wore smiley faces on all of his garb. You may know him better as Smiley (thank you Turanko), He has also gone by Havok and Alex as persona names, (none of which stuck). He has been paged to Sir Archamedies while she was a Squire to Nakita, Man-at-arms to Squire Denavis (who was squired to Quicksilver), was Man-at-Arms to Rothgar for a very short time (who was Squired to Sir Hern) and was Squired to Sir Bearrug before his own knighting. He is a real-life Minister and enjoys his free time in Amtgard.

Persona Information

Marshal's File #115316

  • Born in the harsh outskirts of Dark Oasis a military outpost to protect the borders from an invasion that may come from Dragonspine. Cervantes' Personal Colors are Gray and Yellow. He is a Half-Elf who passes as a Human more often than not. Rumors abound that Cervantes may be a Lycanthrope. There has been one town drunkard that tells of a time when he saw Cervantes change into a White Tiger, however, this isn't the first outlandish story the drunk has made. There is no evidence to prove any such claims. Cervantes grew up in a harsh world with little guidance. He would sail the oceans to get away from the world. He eventually turned to pirating and Captained the ship the Blue Spirit. However, he would eventually come home and fight for the Golden Plains and serve Dark Oasis which eventually lead to Him being granted nobility and Land. He at one time served as the Kingdom of the Golden Plains Prime Minister under King Darken then under King Monkey to be followed by King Bearrug and last serving under King Otto VonMuller. Rumor has it the King picked Cervantes to be Prime Minister due to some treasure he gave the King from his pirating days. With his move to the Emerald Hills, it is apparent this individual should be further investigated.
  • Investigation update, with Cervantes' move to the Emerald Hills it appears that he was able to find a way to become King of the emerald Hills. However magics seem to follow him wherever he goes. This time was no different. With Mortyn as his regent of the Kingdom. Cervantes some how was killed in combat while fighting off an evil entity that took on the image and place of Cervantes ruling Emerald Hills with an evil might. This would lead to the rise of the Four Horseman, a war with the Golden Plains, capturing of the County of Skywatch, a ban on all magics in the kingdom, and reinstituting the Edict of Ben's living room. Nothing seemed safe until the Valkyries intervened and Amethyst Panther raised the true Cervantes from teh dead. With their help Cervantes defeated his evil doppelganger, restored peace, and left Emerald Hills to be lead by the Valkyries that saved him. He began a new journey, this time to the Kingdom of the Burning Lands where he has already found a way to be recognized as the Vizier to the throne of the Kingdom's monarch. Something still is a miss here, why are mystical forces all ways where this guy is at, what exactly is he? Be rest assured we will continue to watch his movements.

Dark Riders

Wolf Riders Clan Spiritpaw
Heradlry for Clan MacAbee

Affiliated Groups



Former Groups



  • House Ancients
  • House Chuck Norris (It was so awesome it can only happen once)

Belted Family

Cervantes was squired to Sir Bearrug who was Squired to Sir Kamal who is the fount of his beltline. Currently Cervantes has seen six of his squires elevated to Knighthood. Three in the path of the Crown, One in the path of Battle, and Two in Crown and Flame paths.


Notable Accomplishments




Positions Held

Kingdom Monarch

Kingdom Prime Minister

  • Golden Plains Summer Reign 2010
  • Golden Plains Winter Reign 2010
  • Golden Plains Summer Reign 2011
  • Golden Plains Winter Reign 2011

Local Monarch

  • Dark Oasis Fall Reign 2002
  • King's Point Fall Reign 2017

Local Regent

  • Dark Oasis Fall Reign 1999 (Pro-Tem)
  • Dark Oasis Spring Reign 2008
  • Dark Oasis Fall Reign 2009 (Pro-Tem)

Local Champion

  • Dark Oasis Spring Reign 1999
  • Dark Oasis Spring Reign 2006
  • Dark Oasis Fall Reign 2006
  • Kings Point Spring Reign 2016 (Pro-Tem)

Local Prime Minister

  • Dark Oasis Spring Reign 2003
  • Dark Oasis Fall Reign 2003
  • Dark Oasis Spring Reign 2004
  • Dark Oasis Fall reign 2009 (Pro-Tem)
  • Dark Oasis Spring Reign 2010
  • Crimson Basin Spring/Summer 2020 (Pro-Tem)
  • Crimson Basin Fall/Winter 2020
  • Crimson Basin Spring/Summer 2021 (Pro-Tem)
  • Crimson Basin Fall/Winter 2021
  • Crimson Basin Spring/Summer 2022
  • Crimson Basin Fall/Winter 2022

Local GMR

  • Dark Oasis Fall Reign 2009
  • King's Point Winter Reign 2016

Kingdom B.O.D.

  • Kingdom of the Emerald Hills B.O.D. Member June 2017 - June 2019 (Monarch June 2018 - Dec. 2018 & President Dec. 2018 - June 2019)
  • Kingdom of the Golden Plains B.O.D.Treasurer June 2011 - June 2012
  • Kingdom of the Golden Plains B.O.D Member June 2010 - June 2012


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