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Sir Kurse, of the Burning Lands

”Fistful of Power is my porn name.” --Kurse


Sir Kurse is a former President to the Amtgard Inc, Board of Directors. His tireless attention to the details of Amtgard and his down-to-earth approach at leadership has won him the respect of many within the game. His abilities on the battlefield maintains that respect there as well.

Kurse wrote this article for E-Sam; Evolution of a Game.

Affiliated Groups

Current captain of Esydra.

Before creating Esydra, Kurse was a Corsair for a short period of time. He was also in the Carthorins, and was one of the founding members of the Saracens.

Belted Family

Sir Kurse (Flame),(Crown)

Notable Accomplishments

Knight of the Crown, Flame, and a Warlord. Kurse has served several terms as both Regent and Monarch since his return to Amtgard in 2001. But more than this Kurse has been on the front lines of all most every game wide change in the last six years or so.

Named one of the top 5 Amtgarders of 2007

Additional Images

Pictured here with Verana

More Information

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