Roger Shrubstaff

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Roger Shrubstaff
Home Park Iron Springs
Kingdom Neverwinter
Year Started 1989
Noble Title Count
Belt Status Knight of the Flame

Count Sir Roger Judas Shrubstaff of Iron Springs, Neverwinter

”I was corrupt before I had power!” (stolen from Random)


Roger started playing in Turris Lunae and Barad Duin in central Texas around Events in 1989 exactly one week before Michael Hammer of God. Turris, with Bifost eventually became one of the cornerstones of the Celestial Kingdom. After witnessing some momentous events in the history of Amtgard Roger moved out of the country, to his original homeland of Panama, where he lived for two years and started a short lived Amtgard group. Finally allowed back into the country in 1991, he moved to Florida. There he started Silverwater, a group in West Palm Beach, which joined the Burning Lands. Roger served in park leadership at Silverwater many times, holding the poitions of Baron and Chancellor. Silverwater remained in the Burning Lands until 1999, when it became one of the original groups in The Kingdom of Neverwinter. Roger also served at the Legate of Neverwinter until a Monarch could be elected from July 1999 to January Events in 2000.

He was given his much deserved Knighthood in the order of the Flame by Ivar at Clan in 1997. Almost ten years later, Neverwinter decided to re-flame belt him at their winter coronation in 2007.

Roger is one of the most influential amtgarders to ever grace the net. His contributions to the Amtworld have made it a better and more interesting place. With the creation of the Amtwiki he gave us an organic method of conserving our history. With the translation of the 6.0 rule book into Spanish he gave us a new audience for our game. With his participation in the 7.0 committee he helped to change the face of this ‘hobby’ forever.

His appellation, "Shrubstaff" stems from the Monty Python character "Roger the Shrubber", which lent his name to a D&D druid he was playing when he started amtgard. When told he could not use an actual name from a movie, he modified it slightly, combining it with a minor character from an old TSR boardgame called "Divine Right".

Roger remained a participant in the remnants of Silverwater and its merger with Windstorm Woods, Windstorm Waters until he relocated to Georgia in early 2012. He then became a member of Iron Springs. Due to various RL issues he lapsed into inactivity in 2017.

Rumors surrounding Roger

Roger, in 1991, was both a Corsair AND a member of Claw Legion. Until he became allergic to hate. And weed. And Glass penises. Well, not the penises part. - Arthon

Affiliated Groups

  • Once pledged to the Claw Legion but never joined because of the Claw-Archon split.
  • Founding member of the Stonecutters household.
  • Founding member of the Evil French Canadians.
  • Has more or less become a member of the Evil French proper, but keeps "threatening to secede". The rest of the Evil French do not seem concerned with this threat.
  • Tanath decided that Roger is a member of House Killjoy, with or without his consent.
    • We'll see about that.

Belted Family

Squire Valiant Swordbreaker - dropped in April, 2012.

Notable Accomplishments

  • The Amtwiki
  • The first Legate of Neverwinter.
  • Translation of the 6.0 rule book into Spanish
  • Longtime member of the 6.1 committee through the final publication of the 7.0 rulebook.
  • Appearing in the Song by Forest Evergreen “The day that 6.0 died”.
  • Neverwinter Songbook
  • Top post count on E-Sam until Randall stopped tracking.
  • Betrayed Aramithris
  • Created numerous amtgard-related webtools (most of which are now down) including the Amtgard Polling Institute, Random Monster Generator and Reeves Test Generator.
  • Ran and Customized the Neverwinter-themed Legend of the Green Dragon for many years.
  • Created one of the earliest collections of Amtgard web links in the early 90s. This was eventually used by Ivar to create the list on the page. Thanks to Ivar's giving credit, for about a decade afterwards continued to receive requests to update links on
  • Created weeks and award tracker for Silverwater in the Pre-ORK days. The design of the sign-in sheet from this utility was later adopted by Rewth for the ORK.
  • On the 8.0 Rulebook committee.


Long ago in the dim past when Silverwater started, people used different persona names for every class they played. Roger was the Druid persona. These are Roger's:

  • Lethargius - Wizard. Based on a lazy mage character from a D&D game.
  • Hans Lukmano - Assassin. Name based on the phrase "Look Ma, No Hands!".
  • Ars Genericus - Warrior. Appeared on sign-in sheets for fighter practice only.
  • Ayer-bourne - Scout. Based on scout being the equivalent of "Ranger". Wanted to live a life of danger.
  • Regor Earthkiller - Anti-Paladin. Based on Roger backwards + what my sister once yelled at me for throwing an aluminum can in the garbage instead of a recycling bin.
  • Håkon Leth - Regor's incognito persona, when he is working undercover.

Additional Images

  • OldRoger.jpg
    at Clan Court in 1999
  • Rogermordru.jpg
    as wizard for DragonCon 2007

More Information

  • able to recite the entire script of Conan the Barbarian (1982)
  • able to spin dice, even 4-siders.
  • Brought his dog, Kiwi (RIP) to Silverwater for over a decade.


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