Dark Oasis

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Amtgard Chapter
Dark Oasis
The Kingdom of Golden Plains
Status Shire
City Hobbs, New Mexico
Park City Park
Meets on Sunday 2:00pm
Founded 1997
Active Active

The Shire of Dark Oasis


Dark Oasis was founded as a shire under Golden Plains in Events in 1997, with help of Syr Syko, Sir Warchylde and Nine Willows of Golden Plains. It was named the Stronghold of Dark Oasis to act as a military outpost between the Kingdom of Golden Plains and the Kingdom of Dragonspine.

After a few years and much help and work from it's core members and Nine Willows, Dark Oasis reached Barony status. Since then it has become the home of many assorted Amtgard personalities, from fighters to roleplayers and everything in between.

Through the years it has had its ups and downs. It has lost core working members and even its records to only have other members step up to the plate and help it survive with the changing times. It has housed as many members as 70 at one time and has fallen to as little as 10. In late 2009 it was promoted to the first County of the Golden Plains with the help of its core members and many others through out the Kingdom. Dark Oasis was promoted to Duchy status on January 9, 2011.

Currently, The Stronghold fields members many of Golden Plain's fighting companies such as the Archangels, Dark Riders, Legion of the Black Cross, Nighthawks, and Unseen Hand. Many households currently call Dark Oasis home as well including Amalgam, House Girlscouts, House Ironfist, La Cosa Nostra, Legacy, House Shen Ku, and Wolf Riders.

Current Monarchy

Dark Oasis People

Random Facts

  • Dark Oasis' color's were almost Grey and Red, Black and Purple won out by a vote of 6 to 3 when it was founded.
  • When Dark Oasis was founded in 1997 it was decided that the field would have it's own relics that can only be used in Dark Oasis, those relics are as follows:
    • Sword of Cold: Gives the user three Ice Balls per game and Immunity to Iceball.
    • Mace of Healing: Gives the user three Heals per game.
  • Dark Oasis's first sign in sheet was on August 17th 1997, with four people signed in, of which none play Amtgard anymore.

--Smiley 23:33, 14 April 2011 (EDT)


Dark Oasis is located in Hobbs, NM at City Park near the intersection of Clinton St. and Jefferson St.(1000 E Clinton) every Sunday around 2:00 pm.


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