Guildmaster of Reeves

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The Master of the Reeves Guild

Rules Officer, Rules educator

Reeve; the Meaning of the word

In England, a reeve was an official appointed to supervise lands for a lord. He had many duties such as making sure the serfs started work on time and ensuring that no one was cheating the lord out of money. The system was introduced by the Saxons, dating at least to the 7th century, and continued after the Norman conquest.

The reeve of an entire shire was a Shire-reeve, predecessor to the Sheriff.

Guildmaster of Reeves in Amtgard

An official in charge of all the Reeves in a Kingdom or local Park. It is the responsibility of the guildmaster of reeves to ensure that each player who wishes to can take the Reeves test, to write new reeves tests, to educate the public, to make sure that battle games are fair and balanced.

The GMR is the fifth in the Line of Succession; in the unlikely event that something should happen to the Monarch, Prime Minister, Regent and Champion then the they would ascend to the throne of the monarch.

How do you become a GMR?

New Guildmasters are elected by the Reeves from their own number. They must have passed a Reeves test in the last six months or have been the previous Guildmaster of reeves. Some kingdoms have required their GMRs to take Corpora tests as well.

Excerpt from the Corpora

The following is take directly from the Burning Lands Corpora 5th edition, for exact local rules please see your body of law.

  • 1.71 Shall be chosen from the Reeves guild by election at the Crown Qualifications. Members of the guild who may vote are those who passed the Reeves test with a score of 75% or better, and the current guildmaster.
  • 1.72 Shall work with the Monarch and Prime Minister to ensure that the rules are applied accurately, fairly, and honestly on the battlefield.
  • 1.73 Shall work with the Champion in checking armour and weapons for safety and legality.
  • 1.74 Must make sure that there is an appropriate number of reeves at any Burning Lands event, and ensure that the conduct of reeves is competent and fair.
  • 1.75 Will be the Crown's advisor on the rules.
  • 1.76 Will give the Reeves test every six months at Crown Qualifications.
  • 1.77 Dismissal is by a joint decision of the Monarch and Prime Minister.
  • 1.78 May enforce an initial warning, followed by bout forfeit, and then tourney disqualification system for particularity troublesome or unsportsmanlike fighters at any Burning Lands tourney.