Clan Turtle

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Clan Turtle


Colours: Black and Red


Clan Turtle began as a social clan in the northern reaches of Emerald Hills in the Barony of Riverstone. It soon expanded to include members from all over the Confederacy of Dreadmoor and has since expanded to include members from all over the Emerald Hills. So we began as the Turtle Clan of Riverstone, changed to the Turtle Clan of Dreadmoor and are now simply Clan Turtle.


Alby Kazan - Fuzzy Turtle
Allys'siandra**** - Craftsy Turtle
Arantxa - Girl Turtle
Blade - Turtle Warrior
Blazeirene - Girl Turtle
Brennon - Knight Turtle
Chops - Craftsy Turtle
Connor - Turtle Warrior
Cynisca - Girl Turtle
Dair - Lady Turtle
DarkTigger - Turtle Warrior
Demondread - Turtle Warrior
Deydren - Turtle Warrior
Docsi - Big Boss Turtle
Draeven - Turtle Warrior
Drake - Dancing Turtle
Duck - Girl Turtle
Duradin - Magic Turtle
Eagleeyez - Turtle Warrior
Elyas - Dancing Turtle
Everlast - Knight Turtle
Famous - Turtle Warrior
Forest - Knight Turtle
Fox - Boy Turtle
Gaiscioch - Turtle Warrior
Garm Battlecraze - Turtle Warrior
Gizmo (under 14) - Gremlin Turtle
Gryndll - Craftsy Turtle
Impy - Turtle Craftsman
Jay Jay - Singin Turtle
Kaiden - Turtle Warrior
Kail - Turtle Warrior
Kalenn - Singin Turtle
Karasu - Turtle Warrior
Kindle - Girl Turtle
Kyrie - Girl Turtle
Larin - Turtle Craftsman
Loralei - Girl Turtle
Lynn - Girl Turtle
Malran - Singin Turtle
Moose - Turtle Warrior
Morningson (Under 14) - Boy Turtle
Orchid Noir - Turtle Craftsman
Piper - Girl Turtle
Ram - Magic Turtle
Ravenos - Craftsy Turtle
Rebel (under 14) - Turtle Warrior
Reddrick - Turtle Warrior
Ronnie - Girl Turtle
Shamus - Turtle Warrior
Sierra - Archer Turtle
Smiley - Turtle Chaplin
Stump - Turtle Warrior
Toppings - Turtle Warrior
Walela (under 14) - Lil Turtle
Wren - Dancing Turtle
Yshtan - Turtle Warrior
Zelodie - Fuzzy Turtle