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Duchess Sir Quicksilver Lightfoot 'nav Nox, of Dragonspine.

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Gathering of the Clans XXIV, 2007

Quicksilver's Personal Hearldry
Home Park Dragonspine
Kingdom Dragonspine
Year Started 1990
Noble Title Duchess
Belt Status Flame/Crown


Quicksilver's first experience with Amtgard was at NewMexiCon in Las Cruces in 1990. Taken by the game and the people, she soon organized a group of friends who set about forming Dragonspine, then a Barony of the Burning lands. Present through most of Dragonspine’s milestone’s, Quicksilver has become a fairly permanent fixture in the kingdom, albeit absent occasionally due to real life.

Residing in Dragonspine for the last 18 years, Quicksilver has served in every level and echelon of the game including Monarch, Champion, Prime Minister, and Regent. These positions have been held in Dragonspine from the status of Barony through Kingdom.

Quicksilver was Duchess of Dragonspine when the lands achieved independence and Kingdom status during Spring Wars I in 1994. As the last Duchess of Dragonspine and the first Queen (right before stepping down), she knighted Alaeric the first Kingdom Knight.

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Sir Quicksilver was Squire to Sir Esoum.

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Las Cruces Ren Faire, 2007


Gathering of the Clans XXIV, 2007


Las Cruces Ren Faire, 2008

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