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Dark Riders


History and leadership

Fighting company founded in theGolden Plains, now primarily in the Celestial Kingdom. Originally founded by Knightmare Harkonnen, Grasshopper Harkonnen, Raban Ethindale Harkonnen, Draven Harkonnen, and Chaos Smokestuff. Leadership structure based on democratically elected council consisting 4 members representing the four horsemen. Members start as Minions, working under the tutelage of a full Rider until such time as they can be voted to full Rider status, allowing them to hold council positions and take a new minion under their wing.

There are two Companies that have been established because of or broken away from The Dark Riders. Those are the Archangels & Ferrum Crux, both in 2006.

Winter Summoning 2023


The Dark Riders at Gathering of the Clans Events in 2006

Gpriders.jpg Gp Riders at Golden Plains summer endreign 2013.

Full Riders

Gator B. Salzones Darken Harkonnen Death Dealer Emrys Grifterr
Link Redneck Roach Jpnus TOF
McG Eno Arklon Sinbad Zero Lailoken
Malen Devlin Stat Kalidious Squirel Bleu Vito Cheddar
Wrath Sebastion Wyngarde Shield-Breaker Distan Rose wyngarde Heinous Hex Harkonnen
Ilsa Von Aranea Farge Ichiban Diez Plague Fister Fade Aldor
Alisandra Lenny Bulldog Blight Calwyn Eagleeyez Smiley Bromhir

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"The Dark Riders at Spring War XX!


”Minion, do as I do.”

Minions are people who are trying to join the Dark Riders. They are sponsored by a full
member and tought the ways of the company. After a time, when their sponsor feels they are ready,
they are brought up for membership. Currantly the only time a minion can be voted on is at a
Dark Riders Summoning (Spring War, Clan, and two floating events during the year).

Affiliated Groups

Dark Riders


Danica-Gator Warchief-Stylez Tomalot-Raban Raven of Bloodtide Coast-Wrath
Phantom-Stat Chong-Sinbad Rue-Eno Cessi-Link
Cleveland-Link Dax-Zero
Gale-Zero Nature Boy-Distan Faust-Wrath
Malisious-Blackwolf Behemoth-Gator Carrick-Tove Zac-Griffter
Ebarra-Tove Jack Hammer-Blight Xandria-Alusiandra Cat-nip-Alysiandra
Sythe-ichiban Bonobo-Plague Tung-Fister Kesic-Fister


Dark Riders at Slaughter Creek Kingdom Day 2013



Dark Riders at Kaembryge Kingdom Day 2013