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Warlord Overlord Kensei Ryuujin of Nine Willows, Defender of the Golden Plains

Ryuujin's Company Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 2004
Noble Title Kensei ("Sir") Baronet
Belt Status Knight



Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Sir Ryuujin (Sword)

Official Fruit of Beltline: Low Hanging Fruit

Notable Accomplishments

  • Mr. Balloon Hands
  • Nine Willows Weaponmaster - Multiple Times

Titles Earned

  • Knight of the Sword - awarded by King Uther of Golden plains, 2015 (Dropped by Sir Bearrug)
  • Warlord - Awarded by King Uther of Golden Plains, 2014
  • Baronet (Overlord) - Awarded by Golden Plains, July 2010
  • Defender - Awarded by Sir Bearrug, King of Golden Plains, August 2011
  • Bannerman of the Glade - Awarded by Sir Wretch, Duke of Nine Willows, May 2013

Positions Held

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More Information

  • Is a real life black belt in multiple martial arts.
  • Is rumored to eat babies.