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Lord Squire Grimbold of Wolfheim, Kingdom of Polaris



SCA since 1989, Amtgard since Jan. 2009. Started Amtgard in the Duchy of Thor's Refuge. Moved to Lodi, CA in May of 2011 and founded the Shire of Aegir's Hall. Likes to fight, craft, brew, and go to camping events. Can be found on CAamtgard and Esam on an almost daily basis.

Persona: That guy who killed you last Sunday. Sometimes master and guardian of Grimbold's beard.

Grimbold has been Regent of Thor's Refuge.

Grimbold has been Monarch, Prime Minister, and Champion of Aegir's Hall.

Affiliated Groups

  • Member of the Corsairs
  • Head of House Greenforge.
  • Member of the House of the Enchanted Bat.
  • Honored friend of Right to Bear Arms.
  • Heavy for Einhenjar, a team of the California Jugging League.
  • Heavy for the Sex Panthers jugging team.
  • Ex-Righ of Dragonbane Clan

Belted Line

Grimbold is squired to Sir Falamar of the Emerald Hills

Grimbold is also Squired to Sir Cervantes of the Emerald Hills

Also, belted under Grimbold's Lord title:

Man at Arms Nameloc

Man at Arms Tobi

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Below is the belted line in which Cervantes' is of.

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

portrait by Tori

More Information

Aliases: Qua-gon Grim, Grim Jong Ill, Grimbolodon, GrimShady, Grimbo Slice, Grimble