Moonshadow Everdarius

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Grand Duke Sir Moonshadow Everdarius, of Golden Plains

”....of course. I'm always up to something.”



Good Sir Moonshadow made his start in the Barony of Evermore Hollow, in Canyon Texas. He has since travelled to Emerald Hills for a time, only to make his way back to his home in Golden Plains Proper. He has travelled around the local area, in search of citizens willing to put forth the effort to make his home kingdom great, and work for a greater tommorow. When not travelling, he's an active mover and shaker behind the scenes, re-writing the corpora for said kingdom several times running, making events happen, while his wife Sir Jacobi makes the INCREDIBLE HAM (tm) of which Jynx will soon page.

Affiliated Groups

Houshold: La Cosa Nostra

Belted Family

Sir Moonshadow has but one Squire, Darken Harkkonen of Irongate

Notable Accomplishments

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