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House Legacy

I love the idea of Purple!!!-Prog


The heraldry was designed by Denavis and Smiley. The colors are Purple and White.


The Legacy formally know as the Legacy of Lycanthropes, is an exclusive House open to those whose persona's are Lycanthrope and have served their group or Kingdom by holding an office, teaching A&S, or Excelling in Fighting while teaching other's how to fight. The House was founded in the summer of 1998 in Golden Plains proper, at Crown Quals for the 13th reign of the GP monarchy, By four guys who lived in the Barony of Dark Oasis under GP. These guys were, Smiley SpiritPaw, Erix Stogart, Viliabos, and Prog. Now of these four founders two are still active in amtgard, Smiley SpiritPaw & Prog .

The Legacy are not often seen doing things as a household but their members are seen individually in every area of the game from RolePlaying, Service, Fighting, and Holding local and Kingdom Offices.


Inactive Members