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Countess Dame Pheobe of Crimson Basin, of the Kingdom of the Burning Lands

House koinania (2).jpg
House Konania Heraldry
Home Park Crimson Basin
Kingdom Burning Lands
Year Started 2006
Masterhood Master Crown
Noble Title Countess
Belt Status Knight of the Crown
Married To Cervantes
Company Hounds of Zeus

"Shut Up Monkey"!!


Pheobe started playing Amtgard in 2006 in Dark Oasis after meeting her husband Cervantes in college. At first She thought it was weird and left the playing games to Cervantes. She started going out to the field and signing in to help local numbers. She decided to get involved by helping with Prime Minister paper work while Cervantes was the local Prime Minister and started looking at playing scout. However Cervantes and Pheobe found out she was pregnant, so playing a class was out. Today they have a wonderful son and two wonderful daughters. She has served as Dark Oasis' Prime Minister until she moved to Fort Worth area with her husband where they both attended King's Point in Emerald Hills. Where she eventually served as The Kingdom of Emerald Hills Prime Minister.

Notable History of the name Phoebe

Greek Myhtology

PHOIBE (or Phoebe) was the Titan goddess of the "bright" intellect, wife of Koios, "the inquirer." She was the third goddess to hold the Oracle of Delphoi which she gifted to her grandson Apollon on his birthday. Phoibe's name was associated with the Greek words phoibos, "bright" or "radiant," phoibaô "to purify" and phoibazô "to give prophesy." The Titanes had children ... The children of Koios and Phoibe were Asteria and Leto. " - Apollodorus,

Biblical History

Phoebe (Koine Greek Φοίβη) was a Christian woman mentioned by the Apostle Paul in Romans 16:1. Some have interpreted the Greek "diakonos" to relate Phoebe as a deaconess, the most literal interpretation of the word is as a servant which is what all deacons or deaconesses should be. Hence why they are called "deacon" which comes directly from Diakonos. The Greek of Romans 16:2 uses the term prostatis which may indicate that she was Paul's patroness. Some scholars believe Phoebe was responsible for delivering Paul's epistle to the Roman Christian church. She is commemorated with Lydia of Thyatira and Dorcas in the Calendar of Saints of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America on January 27 and on October 25 in the Calendar of Saints of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod. Her feast day in the Roman Catholic Church is September 3. Phoebe, along with Lydia of Thyatira and Dorcas, is honored with a feast day on the liturgical of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America on January 27. Phoebe is also honored as a Saint in the Roman Catholic Church, and Possibly the Orthodox Church.

Amalgam Heraldry

Affiliated Groups

Fighting Company:


Belted Family

Before her knighting Pheobe was Squired to Dame Mezzie whom was belted to Dame Aurora Selene before her Knighting.


  • Countess - Awarded by King Tristan Greymane of the Burning Lands November 14, 2020
  • Baroness - Awarded by Queen Amethyst Panther of the Emerald Hills June 22, 2019
  • Lady - Awarded by King Monkey of the Golden Plains October 30th, 2010

Notable Accomplishments


  • Master Crown - Awarded by King Sir Tristan Greymane of the Burning Lands, November 14, 2020
  • Master Color - Awarded by King Sir Bearrug, of the Golden Plains, February 2012