Uther Retheu Ironfist

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Grand Duke Sir Squire Uther Retheu Ironfist, of Irongate Golden Plains

Uther's Company Heraldry
Home Park Irongate
Kingdom Golden Plains
Noble Title Grand Duke
Belt Status Knight
Combat Ranking
Wind Dancer
A&S Ranking
Dust Dancer
Wind.jpg Dust.jpg

"In Amtgard life is cheap, and death is temporary!"

"Get over here you bunch of Noobs"

”God wills it!”

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Uther was born into Amtgard in 2004 at the Shire of Cloud's Edge, in the Kingdom of Dragonspine. Immediately he was drafted into leadership serving a the parks Prime Minister for several terms. He continued in leadership serving as a champion once and monarch three times. He served Cloud's Edge for 6.5 years until moving from the Kingdom of Dragonspine. In 2011 Uther arrived at the Duchy of Irongate in the Kingdom of the Golden Plains. He began serving in leadership as soon as he was eligible doing two back to back terms as Duke of Irongate. He has also served Irongate as a Prime Minister and a Guildmaster of Reeves. In 2013, Uther arrived on the Kingdom level serving a full year as King of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains. After his first year he became Regent for a reign. He followed this with a 3rd King journey, a Kingdom Champion run, and a 4th reign as King. After that Uther moved into the mundane side of Amtgard where he serves currently as President of the Golden Plains Board of Directors.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Uther was Squire directly under Sir Otto VonMuller, Knight of the Flame before his knighting in August 2017. He then took a Squire's belt from his former Knight Smiley for the Flame path at GotC 2019. (Seeing as Otto & Smiley are Squire brothers this makes Uther his own Squire Uncle.)

Notable Accomplishments

Positions Held

  • 44th, 45th, 47th & 49th King of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains
  • 46th Regent of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains
  • 48th Champion of the Kingdom of the Golden Plains
  • Duke of the Duchy of Irongate for Winter 2011 Reign & Summer 2012 Reign

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