Y O'Branagon

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Lord Squire Y O'Branagon of Dark Oasis, Golden Plains

Y O'Branigan's Field Heraldry
Home Park Dark Oasis
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 1998
Company Archangels
Belt Status Squire




Y O'Branagon also known as Y'O started back in 1998 in Dark Oasis when the field was first founded by having Van the Ruthless, Drake and others convince him to come out. He was known for signing in as color, helping out at events he could make it to and being the "big guy" of the field. He started coming by to sign in and help Dark Oasis's numbers. In 2010 he has started playing in class battles and stepped up as Dark Oasis's GMR. He is also an accomplished RPG, miniatures, and Magic: The Gathering Player. He is also the older brother to Draco in real life.

Affiliated Groups


Belted Family

Y'O is Squire to Sir Bloody Jack Flint Knight of the Flame

Notable Accomplishments

Titles Earned

  • Lord - Awarded by Golden Plains, August 2014

Positions Held

More Information

  • Has Helped numerous Amtgarders learn how to play Magic the Gathering.

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