Rothgar Tobias Blackskull

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Count Saint Rothgar Tobias Blackskull The Totally Awesome of Nine Willows, Golden Plains

Rothgar's Company Heraldry
Home Park Nine Willows
Kingdom Golden Plains
Noble Title Count
Belt Status Knight of the Flame

"Dance before Tobi!"


Amalgam Heraldry

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Rothgar was squired to Sir Hern Sablewolf before his knighting

Notable Accomplishments


  • Master Bard - Awarded by Sir Bearrug, King of Golden Plains, August 2011
  • Master Rose - Awarded by Queen Lyra, Queen of Golden Plains, August 2009
  • Master Barbarian
  • The first member of the Glade of Nine Willows to hold a main Kingdom position

Titles Earned

  • Count - Awarded by Sir Otto VonMuller, King of the Golden Plains, March 2013
  • Bannerman of the Glade - Awarded by Sir Wretch, Duke of Nine Willows, May 2013
  • The Totally Awesome

Positions Held

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