Otto VonMuller

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Archduke Sir Otto VonMuller of Irongate, Golden Plains

Otto's Company Heraldry
Home Park Irongate
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 1985
Noble Title Archduke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame



AKA Otto Von Mueller, Otter, Spy, and a few expletives. Began at age 8 in the Burning Lands in 1985, first named Spy but quickly realized "Otter" was much better at age 11. After 12 years of causing random havoc, doing a little good (possibly), and making a lot fun of the Claw Legion, he who was finally known as Otto took a mundane break and woke up in the Golden Plains--quite a bit older and somewhat wiser.


Otto with some "old" folks.


Amalgam Heraldry

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Otto was formerly squired to Duke Sir Naes Weissdrake

Otto was squired to Sir Bearrug before his knighting.

Notable Accomplishments

Titles Earned

  • Baron - Awared by King Bearrug of the Golden Plains, Spring 2011
  • Archduke - Awarded by King Thurg of the Golden Plains, Fall 2013

Positions Held

More Information

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