Kamal Mustafa

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Arch Duke Sir Kamal Mustafa of Evermore Hollow, Golden Plains

Kamal's Company Heraldry
Home Park Evermore Hollow
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 1990
Noble Title Arch Duke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame
Knight of the Crown
Knight of the Serpent
Knight of the Sword



I was born in 1387 to Christian parents in the city of Mecca. At the age of nine, I was taken from my parents by members of the Jannisary corps and placed in a school to learn Arabic, Islam, receive physical training. I lived and trained at this school for seven years, and then was sent to the Institute of the Acemi Oglan in Constantinople where I learned the disciplines of warfare.

At the age of 23, I was placed in the fighting division of the Jannisary corps. By my 30th birthday, I was promoted to the position of Corbaci, where I led my own group of warriors in battle. For my outstanding service and loyalty, I was granted permission to marry a woman of my choosing.

My first wife was a woman named Azmil whom I bartered for from her father. She bore my first son and child, Darius. Soon after his birth, I was sent out to crush a rebellion, and it was during this time that Azmil and Darius were abducted. I searched for them, but only found my murdered wife. But I was quick to find her captors and implement an exacting and cruel death to them all.

Time passed, and my cold heart warmed to a woman named netzai who lived in a bordering kingdom. I bartered with her mother and soon after we were joined in marriage. We were sent to another neighboring kingdom where I was stationed to set up camp.

Throughout this time, I searched for my son Darius. Bribery, tortures and threats finally led me to his whereabouts, an Asian monastery, where he was raised since infancy. My wife has since raised him as if her own.

A short while later, during a midday walk , I stumbled across a pile of chopped branches. Upon further examination, I found a swaddled infant barely breathing. I took him into our home and gave him the name of Stick.

As we raised our two sons, Allah later granted us the joy of our own child. We gave her the Christian name of Jessica.

But the fates did not smile upon me. I was betrayed by the people I called family, the Jannisaries. My tribe left the Corp only to find a new place in the world with the Nizari. I felt welcomed and now with the help of the Nizari I will find new adventures.

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