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Archduke Sir Bearrug of Dark Oasis, Golden Plains

Bearrugs's Household Heraldry
Home Park Dark Oasis
Kingdom Golden Plains
Year Started 1993
Noble Title Archduke
Belt Status Knight of the Flame
Knight of the Sword
Knight of the Crown

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Bearrug is a three belted Knight that started playing Amtgard in Shadowvale in 1993. After many years there and a bit of traveling he ended up in Dark Oasis around 1998. Bearrug would stay in Dark Oasis for quite some time. He would later move to Ardent Sands/ High Oasis for a short time. After moving back to Dark Oasis He helped grow the field until mundane issues would cause him to move to Pegasus Valley for a very short time. Now back in Dark Oasis he can be found ditching or playing Anti-Paladin. He was Knighted by the Golden Plains as Knight of the Flame in 2003, Knight of the Sword in 2007 and Knight of the Crown in 2013. He has held numerous local positons and helped teach numerous people about the fighting arts of Amtgard.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Family

Bearrug was squired under Sir Kamal before His Knighting

Bearrug has had three Squires enter into the peerage; Sir Drake Malkov, Knight of the Flame, Sir Cervantes "Smiley" Spiritpaw, Knight of the Flame, and Sir Otto VonMuller, Knight of the Flame.

Notable Accomplishments

Additional Images

Part of Kamal's belted Family.
Squire Otto, Sir Smiley, Squire Thurg, Sir Wretch, Sir Bearrug, Sir Kamal, Sir Anubis, Squire TB.

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