Voltar Ironwolf

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Sir Voltar Ironwolf, of Nocturnis

"Politics are the Death of Amtgard"

"Voltar is seven gorillas taped together!" -Miago


Voltar started playing Amtgard in 1993 at the Duchy of Mordengaard (Originially part of the Celestial Kingdom and later the kingdom of the Wetlands). In 2006, he helped found the Shire of Nocturnis as a Freehold, which soon joined the Celestial Kingdom. If you don't see him fighting, he is probably helping out with whatever is needed.

Affiliated Groups

Former member of the Steel Dragons

Never a member but long time friend of the Roger's Raiders

Member of Archon as since Gathering of the Clans 27.

Belted Family

Formerly Squired to Sir Crinos of Darkenthal

Notable Accomplishments

More Information

Shire of Nocturnis


Left to right: Sylvanista, Voltar and Crinos