Arminius the Pale-Skinned

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Baronet Sir Arminius the Pale-Skinned, of the Shire of Golden Plains, Burning Lands

"Pain is Temporary, Glory is Eternal!"

"I am the product of my environment..."



Began playing in 1998 in Golden Plains Proper, disappeared, and then reemerged in the Duchy of Irongate, GP in 2000.

Served as Regent of Irongate from Nov 2001 to Nov 2002, then followed as Champion from Nov 2002 to March 2003.

Moved from Texas in August 2003 to Springfield, IL with his wife, Lady Callandra Drachewolf, and co-founded Phoenix Tears in Sept 2003. Served as Regent of Phoenix Tears From Aug 2003- Sept 2004, and again from Feb 2005 to Aug 2005. Also served as GMR from August 2003-Feb 2005.

Currently the reigning Sheriff of the Shire of Golden Plains.

Affiliated groups

Belted line

Arminus was paged by Viscount Vagabond in Nov 2000 and became his Squire in Jan 2001

He became squire to Sir Euric Bloodstone, and more recently a Knight of the Flame

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  • Falco Draco Jan, 2007-present
  • M. Valderius Damian Macedonicus March, 2007-present

Notable Accomplishments

Titles Earned

  • Baronet - Awared by Sir Euric, King of Golden Plains, November 2002