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A listing of all Amtgard chapters in the State of Illinois, past and present.

To get more accurate information on chapters in this state check the ORK Atlas listing.

Illinois Time Line; 1983-2008

By Arminius the Pale Skinned

August 1983: Areth Nar, mundanely Chris Brooke, one of the founders of Windmoor Crossing and the Rising Winds, is introduced to Amtgard by a friend. His friend, Clifford Kinder, learned about Amtgard in the Burning Lands. A small group begins in his backyard, but fails shortly thereafter when he moves to Indianapolis in June 1984.

Circa March 1985: Sir Charloc Darkstar, former squire to Sir Nashomi, moves from the Burning Lands and establishes a land in Chicago. Not much is known about the group, but Charloc eventually claims the title of “King of Chicago.” It appears by July 1987, the land is dead and Sir Charloc is once again residing in the Burning Lands.

1987-1996: No recorded information about any Amtgard activity in Illinois. During this time, Dagorhir takes off in the state, particularly in the Chicago area and in Central Illinois.

Jan 1996: Windswept Vale is established in Chicago, IL, presumably by Qalor Tolandia.

June 1997: Shadow’s Home is established in Aurora, IL, by Kuma and others.

Feb 1998: Fiery Nights is established in Waukegan, IL by evil Randy under the old persona name Elderman. Starting members include Takari and Matrix.

July 1999: evil Randy leaves Fiery Nights, Takari takes the Leadership of the park.

October 1999: Windswept Vale is raided by Western Gate. Western Gate wins the raid, but all seemed to have fun and enjoy the day.

December 1999: Windswept Vale is accepted under the Kingdom of Goldenvale at the Kingdom Coronation. It is known that Tilion and Cyraya were present. Cyraya and Tilion also took part in the Crown A&S Tourney: Cyraya took second and Tilion took third. Goldenvale recognized a few members of Windswept Vale with awards as well.

January 2000: Rising Winds raids Windswept Vale. Shadow’s Home aids Windswept Vale. Windswept Vale wins. The event creates a bit of controversy as members of the raiding party complain about the attitude they are greeted with and a rules dispute. Windswept Vale does the same about the raiders attitude.

February 2000: Qalor moves to Griffon’s Keep in Victoria, Texas.

March 2000: Tilion and Cyraya move to Pegasus Valley in New Mexico. Windswept Vale folds.

March 2001: Sawney begins a major recruitment drive and begins the process of becoming real Amtgard, including petitioning and being accepted by the Golden Plains.

April 2001: Sawney Freehold Shire is legitimized. The group had existed for about a year before, but had not formally attempted to become Amtgard. Founding members included Tylor Everwind, Jacen Golddrake, Alona Twotrees, and Wulfgar Strahd.

July 2001: Oakshire is formed in Oakpark, IL by Margaret and Trevor from Mystic Seas.

August 2001: First formal attempt to unify Amtgard in the State. A Chicago conclave was proposed as a means to discuss ways to do Mass recruiting for Shadow’s Home, Fiery Nights, and Windswept Vale, which was seeing a slight interest in trying to reform.

April 2002: Cursed Prairie is established. Members of Cursed Prairie separated from Sawney due to geographical distance. The group was holding fighter practices in Bloomington as part of Sawney beginning in December 2001. Founding members include Callandra Drachewolf, Maera Halvorsdottir, Vlad Tepes, and Valkyrja. Works closely with the Dagorhir Realm Wolfpack.

June 2002: Cursed Prairie is accepted to the Golden Plains.

July 2002: The Shire of Corona is established in Carmi, IL by Nightbird aka Lord Haldir from the Dagorhir Realm Tarasmil.

August 2002: The Dragon’s Tale is established in Robinson, IL.

August 2002: The Shire of Hyborea is established by members of the Dagorhir Realm Middle Earth.

May 2002: Callandra moves to Texas, Simon is made the Monarch of Cursed Prairie.

September 2002: The Shire of Constantinople (originally Byzantium) forms in Carbondale, founded by Simon Blackfell, Magdelin, Mephiston Mystic, and Nudraigh. Simon and Magdelin played in Cursed Prairie, Mephiston played in the CK back in the nineties. There contract faces some issues with BLBOD as they originally tried to use the same name for the Amtgard land as for the Dagorhihr Group.

January 2003: Loch V'Naer is formed from the ashes of Oakshire. Group is founded by Tocharaeh D’Araseth and Sissy-Jupe Ankle-breaker.

March 2003: Murkwood is founded in Plymouth, IL by Faulin M’or. The land exists in relative seclusion for an unknown about of time.

June-August 2003: Unification attempt under Golden Plains. Lands involved included Sawney, Cursed Prairie, Shadow’s Home, Fiery Nights, Phoenix Tears, Hyborea, Corona, Felwithe, Loch v’Naer, and the Frostlands from Wisconsin. Constantinople held out while handling issue with name.

August 2003: Golden Plains Allthing decides to table vote for Illinois lands while more information is obtained and Rising Winds contacted.

September 2003: Sir Shef, GP Champion, and Squire Ashe, GP Regent, hold meeting at Western Gate about Illinois Lands. RW attendees included Sir Brock, Gwenhyfar, Sir Glavas, and Azmandius. Attendees from Shadow’s Home included Kuma, Alona, and Ash. Some unknown members of Sawney attended as well.

September 2003: Phoenix Tears is established. Founding members included Arminius the Paleskinned, Callandra Drachewolf, Katzu Farquestor, and Maera Halvorsdottir.

Novemebr 2003: Shadow’s Home has a friendly raid of Loch v’Naer.

April 2004: Out of the ashes of Sawney Freehold, the Shire of Forsaken Lakes is formed. It was discovered that Sawney’s contract never made it to the BLBOD, and the land used this as a time to rebuild and begin following the rules more closely.

May 2004: First Amtgard Pellenor Fields run by Hyborea. The event is Lord of the Rings themed.

January 2005: North Haven is formed in Palatine, IL by Jalea Strongbow and Reana Stormblade.

May 2005: Second Amtgard Pellenor Fields held. Run by “Katzu’s Wayward” and Legion of House Manticore.

May 2006: Third Amtgard Pellenor Fields is attempted, but fails due to site and scheduling issues.

October 2006: Cursed Prairie is revived in East Peoria, IL by Shinsei and Maggie.

January 2007: Phoenix Tears hosts the Crème de la Crème Tourney, a sort of Arts and Sciences invasion battle between Western Gate and Phoenix Tears. Constantinople sends a small delegation as well.

April 2007: An attempt to unify Wisconsin and northern Illinois into a Principlaity under the Iron Mountains is started. The four groups involved were Frostlands, Crimson Circle, North Haven, and Fiery Nights.

December 2008: Elemental Fields is established in Waterloo, IL by Lance Bakore.

August 2019: Jade Hill is established in Gurnee, IL, by Margaret du Nordmotte, Trevor du Nordmotte, Shaun, Jayden, Fox, Sunitha, Makaria, Grap, and Mike.