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Reverend Gonzo Chicken*ucker of Cali Kid, South Gate

"Put on a shirt, ya damn hippie!" *pow* --Madame Bon Derriere
"Tomorrow, I'm going to go home and get wood."
"That's how I met Doogan." While referring to the song "Date Rape" by Sublime

At Rakis 2009.


Dragged out by Cadooogan. A former member of 'Dooogan's Fun Noodle Fight Club. Known for various achievements such as bringing massive quantities of mattress quilting to the field intended for making armor (including a specially-decorated set for Woodstock) and making a madu with a Boy Scout neckerchief cover for the shield portion, as well as for his intense aversion to wearing closed shirts on the field.

Affiliated Groups

Belted Line

Notable Accomplishments

  • Member of Siar Geata's BOD, '09.
    • Vice President of BOD
  • GM of Barbarians for Siar Geata, reign 6. 2/09 - 8/09
  • Prime Minister of Siar Geata, reign 6.5, 5/09 - 11/09
  • Kicks ass with double flail!

Additional Images

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Image courtesy of Pandara. Neener neener.

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