Loch V'Naer

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Loch V'Naer, Freehold

A defunct Freehold of the Burning Lands, located in Chicago, Illinois.


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Founded in 2001 by Tocharaeh D'Araesth, Loch V'Naer was located in Chicago, IL. In the early 2003 Loch V'Naer later merged with another nearby Chapter called Shadows Home due to their like minded Shire-For-Hire ideals, and dreams of Illinois conquest. Listed as a contracted land by the BLBoD.


Loch V'Naer was an ancient and long dead Elven City once known as Oakshire next to the Lake of Living Fire that Borders on the Kingdom of the Rising Winds. A lone High Elf and his Companions Sissyjupe Ankebreaker, and Shitake in tow, rid the ruined city of its dark inhabitants. With their efforts they bring the small forest city back to it's former glory and gave it it's new name as a testament to their success and respect to their fiery neighbor. The City was once a haven for sellswords,the black market of magiks, and everything in between. However, a great disaster fell upon the city as the Lake erupted with denizens of the Plane of Fire, and the Lake of Living Fire reclaimed the city as it's own. The refugees of Loch V'Naer were quickly offered a place amongst their neighbours, Shadows Home, with whom they had a strong and close relationship with. It is said that remnants of the Loch V'Naer people still reside in the area, but little is known of them now. Their founder Tocharaeh D'Araesth was last seen travelling West, and was never heard from again.


Founder, Tocharaeh D'Araesth

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